Paradise Golf Academy Frequently
Asked Questions

  • Q: What makes Paradise Golf Academy different from other golf schools?

    A: Our strict 3 to 1 student to pro ratio and certified instructors are what set Paradise Golf Academy apart from other golf schools. We are totally committed to each student’s improvement as an individual.

    Q: How much improvement can I expect after attending a Paradise Golf Academy?

    A: Improvement depends on how committed a golfer you are. Beginners naturally see the most dramatic improvement, yet more experienced players can also benefit greatly from professional instruction. Continued practice and dedication are the keys to success in golf.

    Q: Will you try to change my entire game?

    A: No, we will build on your natural ability. The teaching philosophy at Paradise Golf Academy starts with basic fundamentals: grip, posture and alignment. Changes to these elements of the game are recommended to ensure students begin with a solid and proper foundation. Once these basic areas are corrected, all efforts will be targeted on specific problems.

    Q: What equipment is needed when attending golf school?

    A: It is always recommended that you bring your own clubs and shoes. However, if you do not have equipment, Paradise Golf Academy can provide clubs at a nominal charge for use in your lessons. Suggestions on club fitting will also be covered during the school.

    Q: What if it rains?

    A: In case of a downpour, classes are taken inside for review and classroom work. Normally, rainstorms in Florida are brief and school can usually continue within the hour.