On Course Instruction

  • Practice on world class golf courses!

  • Teaching golf is not just about hitting balls on the driving range or working on your bunker play. Instructors at Paradise Golf Academy apply what you learn on the driving range in the morning straight to the golf course in the afternoon. The strict 3 to 1 student to pro ratio allows students and the instructor to play a number of on-course lessons during your time at Paradise Golf Academy. These hands-on lessons teach golfers the value of course management and how it relates directly to the number of strokes saved.

  • The mental side of golf is also addressed during the on-course learning sessions. Golf is a game of saving strokes in any way possible. Students will learn that thinking smart on the golf course will save strokes each and every time.

  • Paradise Golf Academy students will receive a 9-hole playing lesson with their instructor each day of the school, and the 5 day students also receive a leisure afternoon of golf on their own.

  • Orlando Area Westminster Golf Club