How to Hit a Fairway Bunker Shot

fairway bunker shot

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The fairway bunker shot is hands down one of the most dreaded shots in golf. Landing in the sand can feel intimidating, but finding your way out of it doesn’t have to be difficult. Continue reading

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Understanding Ball Flight

Understanding ball flight

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Why does my ball fly the way it does? Continue reading

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Getting the Most Out of Your Golf Lesson

Golf lessons

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Golf lessons are a great way for golfers of all levels to step up their game. If you haven’t already taken lessons with a professional, then you’re probably considering it. And you should — whether you’re just starting out or just looking to polish off your skills, golf lessons are simply the best way to improve your golf game. But before you sign up, take a look at these helpful tips on how to get the most out of your time with an instructor: Continue reading

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Golf Tips: Pitching Basics

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Pitching: A short game shot described as maximum air, minimum roll. A pitch shot is designed to go over something like a bunker, water hazard, or up to an elevated green.

Learning how to pitch correctly can make a world of a difference in your short game and overall score. Continue reading

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How to Master the Chip Shot

how to chip

A chip shot is described as a shot that has minimum air and maximum roll.  The chip shot set-up is important, and doing this properly will help you master this short game technique. Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions: Pitch, Chip or Putt?

What’s my next move? Pitch, chip or putt?

This is a question all golfers ask themselves each time their ball approaches the green. While there are three possible shots you can make, you might be surprised at which one is the most consistent.  Continue reading

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Navigating the Green: Pitching, Chipping and Putting

Pitching and Chipping

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Pitching is described as a shot that has maximum air and minimum roll.  Chipping on the other hand, is a shot described as minimum air and maximum roll. Lastly, a putt is a shot that stays on the ground throughout the shot and is usually played on the green.

A good rule of thumb for navigating around the green is to remember that the lower you keep the ball to the ground the better the result; so putt if you can.  The second option is to chip (minimum air and maximum roll) and the third option would be to pitch (maximum air, minimum roll).

Pitching is designed to go over things such as sand bunkers or water hazards or for use on elevated greens.  The pitch should be your last option.  Keep the ball low to the ground and see your scores lower as a result.

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Correct Your Alignment for Better Ball Striking

Proper golf alignment

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Proper and consistent body position gives the golfer the best chance for solid contact from the start.  Developing proper body alignment and positioning takes a lot of practice, but the results are well worth the extra effort. Continue reading

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How to Cure a Slice

Matt Killen demonstrated a similar tip in the September, 2010 issue of Golf Digest

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We all do it. The dreaded slice. As much as you may want to hit that ball straight, many golfers still experience that nasty curve; a killer to your confidence and not to mention your scorecard. In a 2006 poll, 70 percent of readers confessed that slicing is their greatest golf challenge. Sure slicing can be frustrating, but it can also be fixed. So before you pack away your golf clubs for good, you might want to keep reading. Continue reading

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10 Beautiful, Unique and Unforgettable Golf Courses

Since its beginning, the game of golf has been about much more than just the score. Beyond birdies and bogeys, the golf course itself is seen by many as the true heart of the sport. Some boast spectacular views and many have a great history, while others are world famous for their challenging terrain. Here are 10 beautiful, unique and unforgettable golf courses from around the world. Continue reading

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