The Perfect Golf Swing: Is It Possible?

Golf Swing

Achieving the perfect swing is every golfer’s dream; but is it actually possible?

Professional golfers know that an excellent golf swing is the number one attribute a player needs to be on top of the sport. However, achieving a balanced and effective golf swing is not as easy as it looks. Reaching that perfect swing rhythm isn’t seen often by the average golfer; in fact, you should count yourself lucky if you can manage to get two or more perfect swings per round of golf. The reality is, a lot of practice is needed if you want to achieve a consistent tempo in your golf swing, and first you must learn the basics.

Club Grip and Body Posture

Golfer Demonstrating Proper Grip on Golf Club

Image via ©Randy Faris/Corbis

A honed swing is a functional swing and you can achieve it if you have a comfortable grip. Unfortunately, finding a grip that feels natural is a struggle to most beginner players. First of all, gripping a golf club does not mean that you have to hold it tight. Instead, you should hold the club firmly, but with hands comfortable in the grip’s position. This is important to avoid any injury to your hands since you’ll need them to be feeling good for the duration of the game.

To start, the golf grip is based on your prevalent hand (right or left-handed). The golf club should be placed against the palm of your other hand and at the same time held fairly loosely at your finger tips. Pressure should be exerted from the heels of your hands.

Good posture is also key in achieving the perfect golf swing. The idea is to maintain a linear energy throughout your swing.¬† Remember to always bend from your waist. Do not drop your back to avoid injury and bend forward from the hip sockets so that you can swing your arms freely through your chest area. Instead of stiffening your legs, try to keep one leg loose. Flex your knees a bit, but don’t allow them to cross the tips of your feet.

Rhythm and Balance

Golf Posture

Pro players such as 2011 Masters champion Charl Schwartzel pay close attention to squaring their stance before a shot. (Image via David Cannon/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images)

A lasting and consistent golf swing can be attained through a smooth pace and maintenance of balance. When performing your swing, do not rush. Players who are in a hurry to swing the club generally have inconsistent contact and poor ball flight. In order to reach a posture of leverage and power, your body needs to have proper sequence movement. Once you learn how the body gets its balance, then you will achieve consistency within your golf swing.

Make sure to remember that your weight should be evenly balanced between your right and left foot. Your spine must be curved away from the target of focus (the ball) and there must be no specific pressure on a particular heel or toe. At the impact point, the majority of your weight must be transferred to the front foot, with your head positioned behind the ball, your hips shifting forward, and your spine tilted to twice its original angle.

Achieving a good golf swing is certainly challenging in itself, but don’t give up because with a little extra work you can craft an excellent one. The most important elements in achieving a “perfect” swing are constant practice and good ole’ self discipline…just ask the pros!

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