Golf Course Basics

Golf Course Parts

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The golf course is a place where golf is played. It is comprised of a series of holes and teeing grounds, fairways, rough, hazards and greens that have a flagstick and cup. 18 holes is the standard number of holes in a golf course; if there are only 9 holes then the course is played twice per round to make 18. There are also 27 and 36-hole course, but only 18 of these holes are used during the game; the other holes are for novelty and maintenance reasons.

Golf Course Features:

1 – Teeing Ground

2 – Water Hazard

3 – Rough

4 – Out of Bounds

5 – Bunker

6 – Water Hazard

7 – Fairway

8 – Putting Green

9 – Pin

10 – Hole



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