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Correct Your Alignment for Better Ball Striking

Proper and consistent body position gives the golfer the best chance for solid contact from the start.  Developing proper body alignment and positioning takes a lot of practice, but the results are well worth the extra effort.

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How to Cure a Slice

We all do it. The dreaded slice. As much as you may want to hit that ball straight, many golfers still experience that nasty curve; a killer to your confidence and not to mention your scorecard. In a 2006 … Continue reading

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10 Beautiful, Unique and Unforgettable Golf Courses

Since its beginning, the game of golf has been about much more than just the score. Beyond birdies and bogeys, the golf course itself is seen by many as the true heart of the sport. Some boast spectacular views and … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Golf Clubs

What is a golf club? A golf club is the tool used to hit a golf ball. Golf clubs are made up of three parts: the shaft, the grip and the club head. There are 12 golf clubs in a … Continue reading

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