The Beginner’s Guide to Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

What is a golf club?

A golf club is the tool used to hit a golf ball. Golf clubs are made up of three parts: the shaft, the grip and the club head.

There are 12 golf clubs in a standard set. Each club is specially designed to perform different functions around the golf course. A set of golf clubs includes following: three woods (1, 3 and 5), seven irons (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and pitching wedge), a putter and at least one hybrid (usually a 3H).

Here is a breakdown of the different types of golf clubs.

Woods (or Drivers)

A wood golf club is also called a “driver”, which is designed specifically for long-distance hitting. Traditionally, woods had a club head made of hardwood (hence the name). Today however drivers are typically made of high-tech materials like titanium and composite materials such as carbon fiber.

This new generation of woods are now referred to as metal woods, simply because of the materials used in club construction. Because drivers are now composed of titanium and carbon fiber, these clubs have much larger heads when compared to the days of hardwood. The standard club head size of a wood or driver golf club is 460 cubic centimetres.


The iron golf club is typically used after the driver in order to move the ball towards the hole. Just like its name, this club is made of iron, specifically the head, which is comprised of a very strong alloy or steel. The face (the part of the club that hits the ball) is made with grooves designed to create spin upon hitting the ball, allowing the player for ultimate control. There are a total of seven irons in one golf bag and each have varying angles on the club’s face, different head sizes and shaft lengths for use in a variety of scenarios on the golf course.


The design of the putter is unique when compared to wood and iron clubs. Putters are specifically designed for one purpose: to hit the ball very close to the cup generally on the putting green. Putters can also be used on the fringe and even sometimes in the rough. The putter is a must in every golfer’s bag; you couldn’t play the game without one!


Just like its name, a hybrid golf club is a combination of the very best elements of a wood and an iron. Hybrid clubs have heads that closely resemble a standard wood, and are made with hollow titanium or steel. The difference is, this club head is designed with a somewhat shallow convex face. This shallower head does not extend backwards from the face and is designed to feel tighter and firmer, unlike the more flexible wood or driver.

What is your favorite type of golf club? Is there one type that you simply cannot play without?

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