Golf Tips: Pitching Basics

Image via Golf Digest

Pitching: A short game shot described as maximum air, minimum roll. A pitch shot is designed to go over something like a bunker, water hazard, or up to an elevated green.

Learning how to pitch correctly can make a world of a difference in your short game and overall score.

The Set Up

1. Grip: Use the same grip as you would on your full swing with your hands and wrists very relaxed.

2. Alignment: Aim the bottom edge of the golf club so it’s perpendicular to your target line, utilize all of the loft on the club with the sole edge of the club laying flush with the ground.  Your shoulders, hips, knees and feet should be parallel to your target line.

3. Swing: Your body weight should favor the front/forward foot with 70% of your weight at the front.  The swing is a mini full swing, and distance is controlled by the width of the back swing. The key to a good pitch shot is to come to a full finish no matter what the distance of the shot.  You can regulate your back swing to control distance.

Perfecting your pitch shot can make a huge difference in your score. Now all you need to do is practice, practice, practice!


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