How to Master the Chip Shot

how to chip

A chip shot is described as a shot that has minimum air and maximum roll.  The chip shot set-up is important, and doing this properly will help you master this short game technique.

1. Grip

Use the same grip style that you would use on your full swing, however you may want to grip down on the golf club. The closer you are to the head of the club, the more control you will have.

2. Aim and Alignment

Aim the bottom edge of the club so it’s perpendicular to your target line.  The next step is delofting the golf club.  Delofting entails moving the handle of the club 3 to 6 inches in front of the golf ball at address. Your shoulders and hips should be parallel to your target line and your weight should favor the forward side of your body while the ball should be positioned back in your stance.  The stroke is simple; it’s just like a putting stroke with a downward motion.

3. Choosing the Right Club

Distance is controlled by the club that you choose.  The definition of the chip shot is minimum air maximum roll, and there is a definite air time/roll time ratio amongst all of your golf clubs.  For example, a pitching wedge is about 50/50: 50 percent in the air, 50 percent rolling. On the other hand, a 7 iron has a 30/70 ratio: 30 percent in the air 70 percent rolling. Make sure to remember these ratios and choose accordingly.

A few good chips can make all the difference in your score. Practice these techniques and watch your handicap drop.

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