Navigating the Green: Pitching, Chipping and Putting

Pitching and Chipping

Image via Golfsmith

Pitching is described as a shot that has maximum air and minimum roll.  Chipping on the other hand, is a shot described as minimum air and maximum roll. Lastly, a putt is a shot that stays on the ground throughout the shot and is usually played on the green.

A good rule of thumb for navigating around the green is to remember that the lower you keep the ball to the ground the better the result; so putt if you can.  The second option is to chip (minimum air and maximum roll) and the third option would be to pitch (maximum air, minimum roll).

Pitching is designed to go over things such as sand bunkers or water hazards or for use on elevated greens.  The pitch should be your last option.  Keep the ball low to the ground and see your scores lower as a result.

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