Decisions, Decisions: Pitch, Chip or Putt?

What’s my next move? Pitch, chip or putt?

This is a question all golfers ask themselves each time their ball approaches the green. While there are three possible shots you can make, you might be surprised at which one is the most consistent. 

Generally, the lower you keep the ball to the ground, the more consistent your shot will be. When faced with the decision of whether to pitch or chip, golfers should also consider their third option: the putt.  Putting from off the green is a surprisingly consistent way of getting the ball close to the pin, and with practice, it is also a fairly easy way to garner accuracy in your short game.

The pitch, described as a shot that has maximum air and minimum roll, is designed to go over something, such as a bunker, water, or a rough patch before the green.  Of the three shot choices, the pitch is definitely the least consistent.

A chip, described as a shot that has minimum air and maximum roll, is a very useful shot to have around the green.  A 15 handicap golfer can take a whopping 7 shots off their handicap with proper and sufficient chipping practice.

Learning to play effectively around the green can only lead to good things; most significantly a lower score and a much lower handicap.  The next time you’re on the practice grounds, make sure to take time with the shorter shots, since they account for about 70% of the game.

Which shot do you prefer of the three? Have you mastered any of these? Tell us below!

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