How to Hit a Fairway Bunker Shot

fairway bunker shot

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The fairway bunker shot is hands down one of the most dreaded shots in golf. Landing in the sand can feel intimidating, but finding your way out of it doesn’t have to be difficult.

When facing a fairway bunker shot, remember this: set-up is everything. Many golfers attempt to “pick the ball clean” when encountering a fairway bunker shot, but proper technique actually involves striking the club down steeply to get the ball out of the sand.

Start off by making sure your body lines (shoulders, hips, knees and feet) are parallel to your target line. Next, you need to deloft the golf club by moving the handle forward of the ball (making sure not to change the aim of the club face) and playing the ball back in your stance.  When swinging, it is important to always finish your swing.  For the right-handed golfer, the feeling of the swing is down and left with a full finish.  For the lefty, you should feel your swing down and right with a full finish. And remember, a half swing isn’t going to get the job done; you must complete your swing to extract the ball from the bunker.

Good luck with this shot and let us know how you do in the comments section below!

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