Fat 1/8 of mohair or scraps to fit 2cm set of disks Locknuts or cotter pins to suit 5mm glass eyes Nose thread. Shelli,I posted about the tummy rolls on the 'other' board back when we were talking about it...but my post was the last on the topic and you may have missed it so I went and 'dug it up' and have pasted below. Frederick is a very sweet bear, he always seems to look a little sad and in need of a good cuddle. Keep em coming! Please click here for more details. Joints £2.00 (either plastic or hardboard and cotter pin), stuffing and pellets £6.00 , one dollmaker's needle (for the eyes) and one darning needle (for the nose) £2.00, a long, long reel of strong button thread £5.00, anything else? I may have some ideas that I will learn at a class I am going to attend shortly...not sure if it will relate to this or not. I am just too, too afraid to start, though. You are a darling to share your expertise with us - thanks so much. Pale Raspberry on a lemony shade backing. var sc_text=2; This part of the website last updated 9th January 2014, see facebook for details Teddy Bear Patterns . Hello & welcome to the world of bear making. You have all given me some wonderful ideas. Specializing in the cleaning, repair and restoration of quality mohair teddy bears and other animals such as: Steiff, Hermann, Merrythought, and many more! Barbara-Ann Bears, award winning, one of a kind mohair artist bear made from hand-dyed mohair. I have some fabulous family artifacts that I would like to incorporate into 'scrap-booking'. The Frederick Teddy Bear. On the neck a silk ribbon. Mohair/Bear Cat Pattern, 5 inch. C $18.00. I have never done scrap booking, but we have a wonderful little shop near us and one of the classes she is about to offer is called "Distressing Anything".I called her and asked her if this process or technique could be used on fabric, because I wanted to make a group of distressed mini's (boy does that sound funny) and she said...absolutely!To the extreme, I have a friend in Missouri who makes aged beauties and she washes the fabric, drives over it with her SUV, dyes it in a tie dye technique and starts all over again. As an antique bear collector I have lots I can refer back to, nearly all old bears have complete bald patches so get those tweezers/forceps out - sounds mean but has to be done to get the look!!! Stuff the neck and shoulder area  with polyester just enough to support the arms and head . | Teddy bear patterns free and Tutorial “Benny” 32 cm - 12 1/2 inches Materials 33 cm x 75 cm of sparse mohair 15cm x 15cm mini fur for paws 9 mm black plastic eyes 2 x 25 mm wooden discs (neck) 4 x 30 mm wooden discs (arms) 4 x 45 mm wooden discs (legs) 10 small metal washers 1 split pin, 4 bolts & 4 lock nuts No. Steiff Schulte weave a truly magical quality into their fabric, making this the number one choice fabric for bear makers around the world. encryptedemail_id82+=String.fromCharCode(emailriddlerarray[i]) See more ideas about crochet teddy, teddy bear pattern, teddy bear. Today I will show how to sew teddy bear.Using my free tutorials and patterns you can easy build you own custom teddy bear toys. Get the best of Insurance or Free Credit Report, browse our section on Cell Phones or learn about Life Insurance. Shop and discover emerging brands from around the world • … [CDATA[*/ :cool: I  have never seen 'Parisienne Essence' here. You get the best results if you've got an old bear to look at - they age in a particular way and in particular places - if you don't have an old bear, use a photoStart trimming the mohair back to the backing in certain places to give a worn look - you can pluck the mohair as much as you want but remember that a lot of plucking weakens the fabric and it may need strengthening with muslin. I have also used wet newspaper and rubbed it over areas where I have shaved or plucked the bear. The best thing to use is old woodwool if you can get it from a dilapidated bear - but you've got to de-bug it if it comes from an old bear (chuck it in a paper bag - wrap it in an old towel and put it in the freezer for about 7-10 days). An easy to do mohair teddy bear for beginners - By the teddy bear search engine. . Because of the large variety of styles and colours, it is suitable for making teddy bears and other animals from miniature to large. We can also supply you with the other items you'll need to complete your own home made teddy bear; needles, you'll need some longer doll maker's needles for putting the eyes in and we use longish (size 18) darners for sewing the nose, sewing thread and stronger button thread to match the colour of the mohair, plus stuffing material usually polyester and pellets, and the joints. Dip a sponge into the solution, squeeze it almost dry and use gentle circular movements to clean the mohair … And that you never, ever use an armature for them? Teddy Talk: Creating, Collecting, Connecting. . Hmmmm . I use cotter pin joints most of the time on these style of bears. PHEW - i'm just off to the loo be back in a mo... NB: if you use a semi sparse/sparse mohair to start with it will be easier to matt and distress - dense mohair will take longer but if you don't want to use anything else - go for it. Schuco Germany Mohair Monkey Powder Compact 1920s My bears started out with very big, pouchy tummies and I still use that body shape from time to time. shaz Bears sells and makes hand made Mohair bears and teaches teddy bear making classes and sells mohair bear kits to do at home I have used both tea and coffe to age fabrics and haven't had it fade much, but if definately fades a little. Mohair is the fabric of choice for bear artists worlwide. or Best Offer. The Makepeace Heirloom Teddy Bear is an ideal starting point into bear making, he's a cuddly, little traditional bear with a sweet face. I'd love to see it. But you can reduce the pattern and sew a smaller bear. Also.. Yes defo - what Penny said re stuffing. :o   Ahhhhh........they don't mind really!!! May 6, 2019 - In this tutorial you'll learn how to achieve those wonderful sculpted feet you've always wanted to give your little furry friend ... Teddy Bear Patterns. var sc_text=2. $300.00. Choose any mohair you like - long, short, dense anything! I have a cheap set of dog grooming clippers. You can also sew a jacket for this bear, pattern jacket is included. Kingsley is another solid traditional bear, he's a little chunkier than Fosdyke, making him a bit more cuddly. The Frederick Teddy Bear pattern makes a sweet traditional mohair Barbara-Ann Bear about 15 inches (38cm) tall. Etsy Feature – Mohair Teddy Bear Pattern PDF. Professional, clear and thorough with each and every step explained in text, images and tutorial videos to help you along the way. Wild but gorgeous bears, rabbits and dragons. When I am making an old looking bear, I usually use tea to dye but I have used coffee and dyes and a combination of all of these. Using paint to randomly color patches. or Best Offer. Twinkle is 5 way jointed with cotter pin fitments making her a fully poseable bear. You can watch the video right on this page or on our youtube channel. The Little Digby kit includes the mohair, pad material, a pair of 8mm boot button eyes and nose thread, plus the instructions and full sized pattern. /*********************************************** Hugs, Kayzy. In this free video tutorial, award winning Teddy Bear artist Michele Freeman of Eden and Friends shows you exactly how to needle felt the face of a small mohair bear, and turn it into a cute pin or brooch! The addition of one or two felt patches OVER the original ones...Don't try to match the colors exactly and don't stitch them on real neat ...you want them to be noticable but not too glaringly so ...put the patches where obvious wear would normally be. Not just the size or the pouching out, but the ROLLS. /* var AFS_Tracker="0003"; Understuffing will be a huge issue for me. I love my copic markers, newpaper print works well and of course plucking mohair. Ha! We are working on the online help and advice pages for our kits today, it will all be there very soon.You can see how we're getting on by clicking here Chocolate Kiss Kit.....$26.50 kit . The DJ kit includes the mohair, pad material, a pair of 8mm boot button eyes and nose thread, plus the instructions and full sized pattern. var emailriddlerarray=[98,97,114,98,97,114,97,97,110,110,98,101,97,114,115,64,109,115,110,46,99,111,109] ©Barbara-Ann Bears 2003-2014 all images can only be used with our permission, but you're welcome to ask us. OOAK Mohair Teddy Bear by Artist Pat Murphy. Attention! In 2003, Christie Bears Limited became UK Distibutor of Plush Fabrics manufactured by A Helmbold GmbH, one of two remaining original manufacturers of teddy bear fabrics with a history going back to 1900. I am surrounded by men (three sons and an infant ==> my husband Tim. ) Sewing from the pattern made by me. It is great for beginners! I'm going to try Penny's tea method and when I set it out to dry I may wring the fabric a bit extra (and of course I won't brush out the mohair!) Teddy Bears are made from a variety of fabrics and stuffing so need to be preserved from a number of different destructive elements; dust, sunlight, damp, pests and smoke. Kids' Crafts. Mohair is the fabric of choice for bear artists worlwide. You can shave the fur with small pointed scissors, snip it away a little at a time until it appears as you want..always clip in the direction of the fur.I will add the ears especially get worn so plucking them will do here...dangeling threads work too with an odd color of a old repair that came loose. I've only used it previously for scrapbooking and will soon pull it out to assist my bearmaking. And, teddy bears are up there among the most cherished childhood toys. I am just too, too afraid to start, though. Pressing hard in a circular motion the mohair will pick up a slight colour from the jeans and it will matt beautifully. As we have been making teddy bears since 1990 we have created hundreds of different teddy bear patterns to make teddy bears large and small. var sc_security="d1350084"; I always wondered why potbellybears..when I can't see any poddy tummies!_________________ So Shelli...why 'Potbelly bears"??:P. 1 bid. THIS IS THE DOWNLOADABLE VERSION OF THE FREDERICK TEDDY BEAR PATTERN FOR YOU TO PRINT AT HOME/WORK/PRINT SHOP ETC. Hee!! New Arrivals / Bestsellers / Popular New Arrivals; Bestsellers; Popular; New Arrival. Each pattern pack is reusable and includes a pattern, instructions and a set of joints and eyes together with details of everything else you need to complete your bear. Rabbit Mother and Child by Cindy McGuire for China Cupboard Bears . $12.95 shipping. Worn patches of fur usually on the head, arm ,chest areas. Luxury Mohair artist bear, a collectable teddy bear designed and created by Bearlescent. I have since tried this and it worked a treat..and this way the tummy doesn't need to be so softly stuffed because the needle sculpting gives the rolly impression.I just left the back open so I could put just the right amount of stuffing in when I was done. I just luuurve those old jokes don't you? C $112.00. Plucking entirely. Tea is the best for a real authentic 'drab' colour - wash the mohair in gentle soap solution to get all the manufacturers finish off then squeeze it out and dump it in a plastic bowl filled with a tea solutionThe solution should be about 12-15 strong tea bags, about a 1/4lb salt and roughly 2-3 pints of boiling water.Let the tea stew and stir it to get it really well mixed then dump the mohair in for as long as you feel is right.Lighter colours take quicker than darker, stronger ones - just judge it by eye ShelliYou'll know when you get enough colour. I usually make modern looking bears with very new fabrics but like most bearlovers I, too, adore the vintage, well-loved, old-fashioned look. Wednesday, August 10, 2011. Herbie is made of alpaca. But... doesn't all that leave unsightly holes? Your BEST choice for quality German Mohair, Alpaca and Viscose Fabrics, European Glass Eyes, Joints and other Teddy Bear Making Supplies. Mar 30, 2016 - Explore Sheila Billy Marker's board "Mohair bears", followed by 1978 people on Pinterest. Promotion. OOAK Artist Teddy Bear, Raspbeary, from Lim Bears, Beige Mohair, Seventeen Inche. Instructions. Arctophilia Bear Making Supplies Retails all the mohair bear making supplies you require as a teddy bear maker! Dry pigment is great - get it from art suppliers - it produces really soft colouring when used sparingly EVERYTHING depends on how you want YOUR bear to look. Re using tea and coffee for ageing......this is NOT my personal experience so don't crucify me here:(...BUT..I have heard that the natural tannins in both of these eventually break down and the colour will fade. Do you know many dragons, personally?!?). If you feel that you need some personal help in making your bear I can offer teddy bear making workshops either on a one to one or group basis. Anyway - I too LOVE the tea staining, especially for the accessories on the aged bear, ribbons, lace, clothing etc. 0 bids. You can purchase luxury bear basics like Schulte mohair, and Helmbold mohair fur fabrics. The brown Teddy Bear Sweater is knitted in Sunday in the color Camel and Tynn Silk Mohair in the color Brunt Sukker from Sandnes Garn. I've never gone to the extremes that some people have to distress mohair. I used faux fur to start out and a few scraps of mohair I either won on ebay or was kindly given. Adults and kids alike love teddy bears; they are our snuggly friends and look so cute sitting on a bed waiting for us. She is 5 way jointed with cotter pin fitments making her a fully poseable bear. I usually make modern looking bears with very new fabrics but like most bearlovers I, too, adore the vintage, well-loved, old-fashioned look. A glass dome or cabinet is the best way to display and protect your Teddy Bears from dust, which is one of their biggest enemies. If you would like to improve your bear making and bear design skills for your business or hobby please come to us for a bear making course, we'd love to help you. This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF Pattern. The pattern makes a fully (5) jointed 14 inch bear and is full size so no scaling up is needed. Clare, do you pluck after finishing the sewing and stuffing? Spending a 'Penny' luvvy?? var sc_invisible=0; valid xhtml 1.0 valid css 2 "Bonjour" The bear simple as a Pie ! Making a toy is incredibly fascinating and so much fun to engage in. Apart from that, you get a delightful finished product. var AFS_Page="kits"; Free shipping. Sounds wonderful. To matt the pile - put on a newish pair of jeans - sit down and RUB!!!!!! Place teddy bear pattern pieces on the pelt. !!! Boot button eyes can be made by sanding them all over with emery paper( nail  board) to rough up the surface then give them a sealing coat of varnish diluted with an equal amount of white spirit, let dry over night. I have seen bears that basically have no hair left. var sc_partition=26; The Frederick kit includes the mohair, pad material, a pair of 10mm boot button eyes and nose thread, plus the instructions and full sized pattern. $225.00. He is 8,5 inches tall, and is cut in a golden distressed mohair. . You can use any method you like to add a 'dirty worn' colour to the areas you've plucked - gentle air brushing - pencils - pens. Teddy Bear Patterns by Barbara and Andy Cunningham of Barbara Ann Bears. I also forgot to say there are WONDERFUL ways to stuff a bear to give it an old feel too - that always gives a lovely finishing touch to a distressed bear - ther's nothing worse than a bear looking old but feeling 'new', The more you wring out the mohair the better Laura - see you're planning already :D. Penny - Hee!! Create a loveable, huggable friend for your favorite little one with one of the great, free teddy bear patterns. Growth of bear about 17 cm in standing tall and 12 cm sitting. A few bears are made using exotic fabrics and faux fur more generally used in high fashion houses. var AFS_Account="00331577"; It makes an ideal present or a great starting point for making a traditional teddy bear, like all our traditional bear kits he can be machine or hand sewn and is something you can do sitting watching the TV, or on a boring train journey, just about anywhere where you can sit down in the warm and dry, even on a hot, palm fringed beach with the waves lapping at your feet. And Penny, exactly what ARE those techniques for stuffing a bear to feel "old."