While it is true they were originally trained as fighting and baiting dogs in the 18th and 19th century, they have come a long way since then and are actually highly trainable, obedient and a lover of mental and physical challenges. For this reason, they are better suited to more experienced owners with an active lifestyle who are more practiced and confident at handling a powerful and strong-willed dog. Quite low on maintenance, this canine only needs their daily exercise and not much else. The Pocket Pitbull is very good with children due to their gentle and sweet nature, often earning them the title of ‘nanny dog’. Unlike teacup-size breeds like Teacup Yorkie or Teacup Pugs, a Pocket Pitbull can't fit inside a pocket or something similar. Get our best dog content delivered in your inbox, including: Beagle mixes are an ever-popular hybrid who are known for their energy and enthusiasm for life, making them a family favorite. However, also under close supervision and firm obedient training the dog makes a great family dog with a fair amount of temper only when provoked due to its protective nature. Jan 1, 2016 - Explore Daddio Si's board "pocket bullies" on Pinterest. In this case, it is considerably shorter and body-wise smaller than normal Pitbulls. 1 decade ago. The information and content on All Things Dogs is intended to be used for a general nature only. A typical pocket pitbull will be 11 to 22 pounds and will stand 12 to 16 inches. Hypothyroidism – this is a condition which affects hormone levels, specifically causing low hormone levels. Most Pitsky puppies will grow up to be rather large dogs. His head is a whopping 28 inches wide, and his jaws are massive and quite strong. The resulting hybrid is a companion dog standing between 9-11 inches, compared to the average height of the original American Pitbull standing at around 18-21 inches. 1 decade ago. Thus, it can be stubborn and fierce. Apr 2, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Stephanie Lewis. Common Care, Grooming and Coat Requirements, Are Pocket Pitbulls Dangerous? From your observation, you could also see them taking selfies and chatting passionately to some tall, slender guy. These names include: Sometimes you may come across the buzzword pure breed. It is because it's considered a pure hybrid, a result of breeding two originals breeds. It is essential that training begins from day one. Bathing will only need to occur as and when it is necessary, if for example they roll in something they shouldn’t! Usually, this breed exhibits more of a short and smooth coat, however this cannot be guaranteed and grooming will depend on the coat type they have. This crossbreed was developed in the hope of harvesting the active and friendly traits of the American Staffordshire Terrier into a more compact and manageable size exhibited by the Patterdale dog. Now that you have the basic background info, in this section, I will cover everything(mostly) that you should know about the Pocket Pitbull. In general, you don’t have to worry much about its cleanness because it is a low maintenance dog. The average litter size is likely to be between 2 and 5. In fact, the name of pocket pitbull has nothing to do with the pocket sized. They often come in black, but can also be found in grey, brown, cream or white. Although the term may be relative depending on who is using it, it refers to a dog that originates from a single pedigree of a pure bloodline. However, as a general rule, American Pitbull Terriers are fully grown by a year old. The Pocket Bully is a mix between the American Pitbull Terrier and the smaller Patterdale Terrier. Last Updated on July 28th, 2020 Pocket Pitbull is a mixed dog breed-a cross of the American Pitbull Terrier and the Patterdale Terrier, also known as Miniature Pitbull. As a breed, they are usually intelligent and focused, loyal and sweet-natured with strangers and children. Therefore, it is important you prioritize its checkup with agencies like the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Therefore, the resulting breed is not a pure breed, rather a high breed. Throughout their puppyhood, it is important that you continue feeding them a high-quality puppy food. At 4 months, he will be about half of his adult height. Pocket Pitbull breed has an independent mind and will often take the role of a pack leader. Then season the training with frequent socialization classes. Meaning, cold environments are not suitable for it unless with great consideration of heat to balance its body temperature. Anonymous. However, there is also Continue Reading →, You may have seen the traditional tan (with a black saddle) German Shepherd Dog, but have you ever seen the rare Blue German Shepherd? It was bred for hunting and scoring earth moving animals. And at 6 months, he will be around 2 thirds of his adult weight. If you study facts about your breed, do research regarding the care and training of pit bulls and follow the experts' advice, you will have a better chance for a great result. Most dog breeds continue to grow until they are between 18 and 24 months, although the growth is more mass related than height after 12months. Feb 19, 2016 - full grown miniature pitbull - Google Search Love me this pup we call Sadie. Disclaimer: Thepetly.com does not intend to provide veterinary advice. In fact, it's relatively large. Traceable as far back to 16th century England, this breed was first used for hunting rabbits and other small animals. Because of these reasons, breeders often charge hefty prices. Abrasive chews or daily dental chews are usually sufficient alongside a kibble diet in keeping their teeth clean and healthy. This hybrid is likely to be intelligent and confident enough to distinguish between a threatening and non-threatening situation. Furthermore, it's scarce, and it’s held with high status among high profile breeders. But always ensure that your Pitbull is immunized and is under supervision especially if left with other small animals. If you haven’t noticed yet, the parent breeds are quite active dogs. Your Pitbull Boxer Mix puppy will be fully grown between 12-18 months old. While he may be called a Pocket Pitbull he is not a dog that is truly pocket sized, it just indicates that he is smaller than the purebred. I love writing about pets, how owners can solve their pet problems, and reviewing the best products I can find. For this reason, and for the safety of your dog, it is important your pooch knows when to return to their owner on cue. First, it 's a cross-breed between two breeds that have a clean background when it comes to obedience and loyalty. However, the first intentional litter occurred somewhere in the last twenty years in an attempt to merge positive traits from two different dog breeds. They are more suited to active owners, families with older children and preferably someone with previous experience of dog ownership. A fully-grown Pocket Pitbull will weigh between 30 and 60 pounds. Demodicosis is also known as Demodex mange and Demodectic mange. So, you decide to walk your FIDO to the park for routine socialization training. A Pocket Pitbull is not dangerous. If you come from states like Minnesota or Alaska where the weather is the opposite of warm, you need its bed near a fireplace for better warmth. For it to continue performing in optimal health, it needs a normal pet’s care like washing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. If you want a loyal, friendly, and playful Pocket Pitbull, sure, give it the best obedient training while still young. Generally, for males and females, this mix will weigh around 11 to 22lb and will grow to measure between 9-11 inches to the withers. Here is the thing, for the two parent dogs, each has its own unique traits. Furthermore, it’s a hybrid, which gives it a little edge over tolerance of diseases than its parents breed. All Rights Reserved, You start by isolating the dog from the rest, Follow by using antiparasitic medications, Include treatments that ease itching, inflammation, and secondary skin infections, What is a Pocket Pitbull: Things to know about Pocket Pitbull. Pit bull puppies are warm, cuddly blank slates. A Pitbull with proper training is a wonderful pet for families and will get along with kids. Raising a well-mannered, good-tempered dog is a challenge for any owner. They are a lean, athletic dogs with a stocky build and they have the classic Pitbull wide set jaw. It's through our own experience and research that we aim to help pet owners understand their furry friends. This intelligent dog requires plenty of exercise and training to challenge him both physically and mentally to prevent the development of any undesirable behaviors. There is also a tendency of manufacturers adding colors, artificial flavors, and by-products to make feeds look real. You can be rest assured, if you look after your dog, he will look after you too. 2 to 6 months is when your Pitbull puppy will grow the fastest. But it depends on the type of training it is given. By doing so, you will prevent further breeding of the dog with similar health challenges. The standard in the ABKC for a Pocket Pitbull is simple. How big is a Pocket Pitbull? These dogs are a relatively new addition to the German Shepherd family, only recently being recognized as a purebred dog by Continue Reading →, I have a 6 month old pocket pit bull. All you need is great socialization and obedient training. Weighing only 28 pounds is a clear sign of malnourishment. They are inbred with Mastiffs and other large breeds to create the short, overly muscled, large headed hippo pitto. Ride along with me as I take you through this enthralling journey of discovering, a Pocket Pitbull. Email Us: info@crum psbullies.com. A very recent crossbreed, suited to more experienced owners with an active lifestyle, read on to find out more about this breed. Its height as an adult is what determines the Pocket Bully’s physical traits. The dog has the same breed type, build and body type of the Standard Bully. In this discussion, I may not have analyzed every issue a Pocket Pitbull may face, but I have prepared a checklist for you of diseases it may get. This breed usually exhibits a brachycephalic skull shape with wide-set small floppy ears and a solid, strong rear with a medium-length thin tail. Also the growth is much slower at this age than when they were a puppy. They are full of energy at most stages of life, and this amount of energy requires a quality healthy diet that has been formulated for them. This can lead to your canine gaining weight, feeling lethargic and having a duller coat. If this is the case, this canine is highly trainable so you don’t need to be worried about them chasing after other pets. For instance, a Pocket Pitbull puppy will fetch a value not less than $1500. That being said, undesirable barking and protectiveness can often be combated with early socialization at a young age, appropriate training and lots of reassurance. John is parent to Nala, a working lab retriever. It loves people and cherishes publicity. More than three times larger than a regular-sized American pit bull dog, Hulk weighs in at 175 pounds. The Pocket Pitbull is not recognized by the American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club as it is a hybrid dog. The extra large american bully dog is the largest of the four types. For this case, evening walking for about one hour will go along well with it. Such malpractices should be discouraged because they are dangerous and source of allergies. John Truitt from California owns ‘Queen Califa’, a Pocket Pitbull he claims is the best representation of the breed. Like it's master who is extremely intelligent breeds, the Pocket Pitbull is also a smart dog. The general appearance of Pocket Pitbull: The head, size, weight, height, and Coat. Watch the video below for this tidbit. The big challenge in advance stages is causing arthritis and crippling hip joints. We’ve discussed various facts about the Pocket Pitbull. When it comes to feeding frequency, it’s better you feed it at least three to two times a day. Unlike teacup-size breeds like Teacup Yorkie or Teacup Pugs, a Pocket Pitbull can't fit inside a pocket or something similar. Discover (and save!) On a Pocket Pitbull body, is a single-layered skin covered by a beautiful short and aligned shiny coat that it inherits from its parents. Meaning, no different breeds involved during breeding. Unfortunately this is rarely the case, and prospective owners of any crossbreed must be aware that their pup can inherit a mix of both negative and positive traits from either parent breeds. Text Us 770.510.9175 or 770.510.9175. All Things Dogs Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. When standing, its body is packed between the heights of 14 inches to 17 inches for a male, 13 inches to 16 inches for a female. He should resemble a Pit bull in appearance, but just be smaller! The dog is agile, playful, and independent. John Woods is the Founder of All Things Dogs and leads our editorial team as our Editor in Chief. Crump’s Bullies Brutus is for sale!! To mitigate the canine’s behavior, it is necessary to train and socialize it. To be considered a pocket american bully a male must be between 14 and 17 inches 35 43 cm at the shoulder and a female must be between 13 and 16 inches 33 40 cm at the shoulder. See more ideas about pitbull dog, pitbull puppies, bully dog. I’ve even heard someone quoting a figure of $75,000 for a two-year-old. So, its body needs a considerate warmth to keep it active. In fact, it doesn't need professional grooming, just regular brushing. Because Pocket Pitbull is a relative-small-sized dog, it doesn’t need a larger space or frequent hard training like normal Pitbull breeds. A high-quality kibble diet is appropriate for this dog, feeding them twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. Like its ancestors, Pocket Pitbull do not have the problem with frequent shedding. In this case, it is considerably shorter and body-wise smaller than normal Pitbulls. Like most recent crossbreeds, we cannot be sure when the first Pocket Pitbull was bred. Visual impairment can become frustrating to a vigorous Pocket Pitbulls. The Pocket Pitbull is a medium sized dog – sometimes bordering large, weighing 35 to 60 pounds and standing 12 to 17 inches tall. What Crate Size for Golden Retriever? Short, stocky and muscular, the Pocket Pitbull is clever, loyal and as playful as any other dog breed who enjoys plenty of activity and human interaction. Finally, a standard weight for a Pocket Pitbull would fall between 35 pounds and 60 pounds. Let us know! However, when you trace the origin of the breed, it's for sure it’s Britain. Disclosure: Thepetly.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. To the Pitbulls in general, the major problem roots from wrong diet selection. Also bound within its character, is a charismatic behavior and attention seeking. However, it is a bit shorter when it comes to height. Dog Kisses Myths and Facts: Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face and Feet? They don’t require heavy grooming, feeding or training. This breed is a miniature version of the American Pitbull Terrier weighing around 11 to 22lb compared to their purebred parent at 30 to 60lb. What about its conduct with small and growing kids? A Pocket Bully is bred by crossing a Patterdale Terrier with an American Pitbull (or American Staffordshire Terrier) to produce a dog who is friendly, loyal and loving. Then it has a low maintenance cost. American Bully Pocket Size Full Grown In 2004 the breed was recognized by the. 2 0. Heartworms are parasites that have spread from a host (usually mosquitos) into the bloodstream of an animal. To help fight this menace, here are a few suggestions. The Pocket Pitbull is a very compact small breed dog. Of cause yes, all it needs is a great leader, space, and an active person. They are simply named Miniature because they are smaller versions of their larger parent breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier (Pittie). Your veterinarian will advise you if your pooch is not reaching the average weight for the breed and age as well as if your dog has exceeded a healthy weight for his breed and age. This shape usually means they have a very short snout which causes breathing difficulties when over-exercised, excited, stressed or hot. It is a cross between the Patterdale Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier. So, check its injured conditions especially after a walk or a stray in the bush. Quality commercial food products with meat as key ingratiate is the ideal food for it. Therefore, to maintain its coat, all it needs is a little care to keep the fur tidy. Their tiger striped coat is an iconic color caused by a rare gene. That said and the fact that the Pocket Pitbull is a strong and a healthy dog, the parents’ breeds have known health issues. The Pocket Pitbull, or Miniature Pitbull as this breed is sometimes known, is a more compact version of the well-known American Pitbull Terrier. They are unlikely to get their required exercise from leash walks and will prove to be very difficult if restrained to just a leash. In contrast, American Pitbulls do not have an undercoat but have a short smooth coat. Pocket Pitbull puppies is known as the crossbreed that becoming the favored alternative to the big sized American pitbull terrier. This pattern is often seen as dark stripes on a brown or tan coat. Nov 1, 2019 - Explore Samuel's board "Pocket bully" on Pinterest. Although the result is this amazing designer dog, no one can say with clarity when the breeding happened. Pocket Pitbull is fairly a new breed. These mites can be transferred from the mother to puppies especially during feeding and normal parent-puppy interactions. The Pocket Pitbull head has similar proportions to the parent breed. This however is not the case at all, and is disproved everyday by Pitbulls who make loving family pets. So they are. Curious as you are, you also approach the scene to get the bottom line. 14 m. 0 0. mmscotslass. Known for being incredibly muscular, with a very low, wide chest and short muscular legs they have a low-level back with a bulky neck and a large head. He owns a collection of Pitbulls called The Collectibulls and claims his Pocket Bully puppies will be sold for no less than $20,000 each. Source(s): age pitbull full grown: https://shortly.im/BkINe. However, what on earth is a Pocket Pitbull? Remember we mentioned the APT is the largest of the Pitty types. The Pocket Pitbull is no different from its relatives and levels of aggression among the breed are low. Feeding the Husky Pitbull Mix. Still, it maintains the physical stature of its parent breeds as we will see shortly. But Fido doesn’t like this, and he is deeply disturbed. For good manners and hedging it against boredom and aggressiveness, frequent socialization is a must. Source(s): https://owly.im/a8aNb. John has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods. They are naturally quite guarded and protective of their family as both of their parent breeds are commonly used as watchdogs. Therefore, prospective owners should be aware that it can take up-to three years for their dog to fully mature: It is a common belief associated with the Pitbull name that this breed is scary and aggressive. The overall body mass is around 35 to 60 pounds. Understanding pit bull temperament american pit bull terrier wikipedia american pit bull terrier wikipedia pocket pitbull american bully breed information pocket pitbull blue nose pitbull dog breed. 0 0? It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. It’s for sure an admirable dog. You should not use this blog as a substitute for veterinary guidance. First, unlike the parent breed, it’s small and consumes less space. So, someone with a small space house and of reserve nature will find it annoying. See more ideas about Pocket pitbull, Bully breeds, Pitbulls. there is plenty of social media attention, John Truitt from California owns ‘Queen Califa’, Brindle Dog Breeds: List Of 9 Beautiful & Tiger-Striped Canines, Blue German Shepherd: The Complete Breed Profile, Bernese Mountain (Dog Breed Information & Owner’s Guide), Finding a Responsible Breeder: 7 Tips for Buying a Dog, Goberian Dog: The Ultimate Golden Retriever Husky Mix Breed Guide. Although, there is no advanced effect associated with this problem except for autoimmune reactions, a dog with depleted skin hair (called mange) is not a great picture of a healthy living pet. So far, no medical research that can be found to cite some health problem relating to it. There is neither official documentation of the breeding and breeders nor any kennels that have ever claimed the work. 2 year female pocket pitbull, note me wat u think. Full Grown Pitbull Weight. Therefore, when it comes to its training, you'll have to challenge it into bending it to your will. Second, it's not dangerous especially when given proper training by the owner. Since a Pocket Pitbull belongs to the Pits’ family, its nutritional requirements are not that different. Generally, for males and females, this mix will weigh around 11 to 22lb and will grow to measure between 9-11 inches to the withers. Pocket Pitbulls require at least an hour of exercise each day, preferably consisting of some off leash running around to burn off pent-up energy. Positive reinforcement is the preferred method for training, with recall being a vital behavior to learn as soon as possible. The Pocket Pitbull is a muscular and compact small crossbreed with a sweet and loving temperament who would suit a more experienced owner with an active lifestyle. People who look for this kind of puppy are usually those who like the temperament, athleticism, and body size of the traditional pitbull without the huge size. Can Dogs Have Popcorn Their intelligence combined with their strength can be a recipe for disaster, so training is essential to mold a well-rounded and confident dog. And if you are ever in doubt of who to consult, check with your vet for further assistance. They are also not currently registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club, The National Hybrid Registry or the International Designer Canine Registry. This mixed breed can come in many different colors and combinations: They can be solid in color or have white or tan markings or blue ticking. A Pocket Pitbull is defined as a standard American Bully, simply shorter in height. your own Pins on Pinterest Take a look at Hulk to see for yourself how big a XXL pit bull can grow. And now, you can get the full view of the four-legged beauty you believe is a mini-dog. (What Vets Say About It). The likelihood is that there have been a few accidental litters resulting from Patterdales and American Pitbulls over the years. More Experienced Owners, Active Owners, Families With Older Children, Red, Fawn, Blue, Black, Black And Tan, Blue And Tan, Black Brindle, Brown, Buckskin and Chocolate, Loyal, Friendly, Intelligent, Active, Energetic, Miniature Pitbull, Micro Pitbull and Pitbull Patterdale Mix. When I was young I volunteered in an animal shelter, and the lessons I learnt there gave me a deep appreciation for all living creatures. Thus, it demands intensive exercises. There are other acronyms given to Pocket Pitbull that you may find confusing if substituted for another. The general appearance of the head, size, weight, height, and Coat. See more ideas about pocket bully, bully dog, bully breeds. You don't have an American Pit Bull Terrier, you have what is now called American Bully Dogs. Apr 22, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Amanda Graham. Your email address will not be published. 1 decade ago. Pocket Bullies are the shorter and more compact style of American Bully. Lv 7. As you take your first turn from the park entrance, just near the big fountain, you see a ton of people overcrowding around something small and blackish. Pocket Pitbull is not a purebred dog. As you squeeze your way between the crowd, your efforts pay off. For the Pocket Pitbull, the breed is as the result of breeding a Patterdale Terrier with an American Pitbull Terrier. Moreover, if you are a jogging type, why not bring it along as a companion? Oral hormone replacements are an option to manage the condition in conjunction with a healthy diet and iodine supplements. Because of their smaller size, they require far less than their full-grown parents and one or two cups of kibble each day is enough.