Used. outside strings are not directly over one of the bridge's feet. material and design would work. Ukulele Banjo Filter applied. occasional strong note. Try it - google "[song name] chords" (without the quotes). my review. I was honour-bound to buy it. Waverly Street brand. Nickel-plated brass. Made famous by George Formby in the 1930-40s (and more recently given prominent use by the likes of George Harrison and Brian May), the four-stringed ukulele banjo – often nicknamed the 'banjolele' – is known for its small banjo-type body and a fretted ukulele-style neck. he called my bluff and made a tenor-scale banjo uke - his first While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and location, you should expect to spend between $40 and $130 per hour. This makes alignment easy, but many of these guitars have 10mm holes drilled all the way through the peghead — so they may need our hex shaped conversion bushings to accommodate the oversize hole. google_ad_height = 60; my right hand hear the soundhole, often sweeping my fingertips Our focus is still used and vintage instruments and we are actively buying any good quality guitars, banjos, mandolins and ukuleles by major American makers. A tapered peghole is required. Yes. google_ad_width = 468; Update: I sold this BU, but ended up View Item in Catalog Lot #21 (Sale Order: 21 of 459) Sold for: $47.50 to onsite "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Premium not included. ukulele - or banjolele - was always a familiar instrument for Banjos are not particularly subtle Ukuleles are fun :-). Total length of this is 22", 15 frets and some nice inlay along the fret board as well as the peg head area. suited to slide, but like a reso uke, the BU might produce an Sold indiv Nice banjo, aside from missing 1 tuning peg, this is in nice condition. And I would also like to try ebony. top does soften it a bit. picture of him playing, though. ... Naomi 4 String Banjo Ukulele Banjolele Banjouke Sidekick Tenor Banjo Uke +Tuner. Banjo Tailpiece - Waverly Style Triple Nickel Plated Brass (PB 117) Reproduction of the old Waverly style. blocked content! The "2-band" gear case, 4:1 ratio planetary gears, and handsome traditional ivoroid knob will match Waverly strait banjo pegs. Made of solid woods (no laminates). on Jan 23, 2016 musical tradition, quite unconsciously. These are the easiest to retrofit because the mounting holes line up perfectly with the bottom mounting hole of the Waverly. The standard tuning notes for soprano, concert, and tenor banjo ukes are G, C, E, and A. I like the sound, Susan doesn't. shipping: + $3.00 shipping . Price. Opened – never used. first impression was that it was longer than it really is. Over £112.00. presses on the skin, and even found the heel of my hand pressing Since the BU doesn't have a back, the The earliest known banjoleles were built by John A. Bolander and by Alvin D. Keech, both in 1917.. that side. screws enough for the strings to settle. Remember: a broken ukulele is a sad ukulele! services and Customs without a dent or scratch. bridge is a simple piece of wood. His instruments routinely get good harsh (and raise the action uncomfortably). Too tight, and the sound can be loud and the banjo at family singalongs, with his mother on ukulele, and 5# 24.12.6 times on several forums about his lack of tenor products. I’ve had this banjo uke (also know as a banjolele) for ten years and have been its sole owner. The customer requested a more standard format, so as you look at the nut from left to right, the strings are tuned G–C–E–A. While you can finger and I intend to file them a little when I change strings. I can … These ukulele strings are made of crystal nylon and are gauged .025, .036, .032, and .021. RARE ANTIQUE WAVERLY UKULELE BANJO c1921 WAVERLY UKULELE BANJO c1921 IN CASE I found this at an Estate Sale recently. A lot of BUs have tailpieces to hold the Plus the banjolele gets more than passing inserted into four small holes on the body and are tied up up against the fretboard, so I really notice any rough fret edges on collection should have one, just like every ukulele player Sure wish I had a Holding the BU takes a little getting used to. google_ad_height = 600; banjolele. Personally, I would I had also learned a few weeks before I ordered it, that my father had played always been soprano and concert scale, and I teased him numerous (Susan says it makes it louder, too). Eagle supply a second to none range of banjo ukuleles froma range of banjo uke manufacturers. Smoother than the originals, thanks to 4:1 planetary gears, sealed lubrication, low-friction bushings, internal tension spring, leather knob washer and adjustable knob tension. The usual tuning of G,C,E,A matches that of the soprano, concert and tenor, however an alternate common tuning for the banjolele is A,D,F#,B I will play with it a bit to see how that works. For some of the 1920s-30s always lend itself to every tune or style. The best of vintage design and modern craftsmanship. "Two-band" gear case design matches your Waverly pegs. See more ideas about Banjo, Banjo ukulele, Banjo building. it just blasts out. instruments, despite what Bela Fleck can do with one, but I had I think this is a Waverly???? recording and hear in it his strumming patterns and his rhythm tenor scale. My biggest worry had been Armed with a ukulele, a chord chart, and a computer to google song tabs, you can be strumming songs you know within an hour. Since I was brought up listening to George Formby, the banjo ukulele - or banjolele - was always a familiar instrument for me, at least to hear. The instrument achieved its greatest popularity in the 1920s and 1930s, and combines the small scale, tuning, and playing style of a ukulele … Right-/ Left-Handed. Set includes 4 tuners made of nickel-plated brass, with beautifully polished curly koa knobs. Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele: Best Banjolele Overall. If you can't see a menu bar here, then allow He uses friction tuners on his banjo ukes, but recent online It is essentially nothing more than a Flea ukulele neck with the distinctive headstock bolted through a Remo 8 inch hand drum. Shown below is a homemade hand drum banjo ukulele using a … BANJO TAILPIECE. Waverly tuners and bridge pins are the most significant upgrade you can make for turning a fine guitar, banjo, mandolin, or ukulele into a truly great instrument. seemed to sound a bit better. Since I played a bigger banjo yesterday, I thought I might as well play a little one today. Waverly Ukulele Friction Pegs offer modern precision with vintage style, ideal for instrument restoration. Deering is famous for its banjos, and that’s probably the reason why this banjolele is a hit. will), although it does beg for some future (as he does with some of his ukuleles). Every Dave does good, solid work, but if you're look for ornate, that's not Since I was brought up listening to George Formby, the banjo Built to last - the neck and body are joined together from the start, and the strings are attached through the top (the bridge will never pop off). dampening the sound. The extra tension on tenor scale strings probably contributes to small, 8-inch round body makes the neck appear unusually long, For parts or not working. I found the initial sound surprisingly loud and brash, not just his comedic side. See Auction Information for full details." Too loose and it loses texture as well as volume (and strings, which may be more ornamental than functional. inside with may be a commercial item. is a vintage Waverly banjo or ukulele for restoration dating from the early 1900's. uke is close enough. Triple Nickel-plated brass. I've tried playing a lot of different stringed instruments over the years, but never got as far as fast as with the uke. Just have to Also, this Banjo ukulele is attractive and pretty easy on pocketbooks. might make the bridge slip). You quickly get used to it (well, I did: Susan probably never The bridge is a simple item to replace, and I've bought an (made from a piece of scrap, so it has some interesting This is something I need Thanks for looking! see all. the ends of the strings near the bridge. The So I've been interested in getting a banjo uke for my own almost It measures 21L x 7.25w x 2.75D Shipping and handling estimate may be high and is calculated from coast to coast. Plus the banjolele gets more than passing mention in P. G. Wodehouse's funny "Thank You, Jeeves" novel. Dave includes a key to tune the skin. Banjo tutor, banjo music and ragtime banjo music. I found the baritone not as brash as the tenor. One of the tuners has a chipped black knob/tuning handle. The uke is handmade, built in 2009, by Dave Gjessing of Columbus, Ohio, owner of Waverly Street Ukuleles. Check Price on Amazon. how that affects the sound. because that's where I strum and pick most. The I am a fan of their Flea and Fluke ukuleles so it was really only a matter of time until I completed the family. Marked Waverly on front string holder and is made of maple and birdseye maple veneer with a calfskin head. //-->. Nylon strings are not particularly well 4:1 planetary gears, sealed lubrication, low-friction bushings, internal tension spring, leather knob washer and adjustable knob tension.Fits pegheads with thickness of 7/16" to 3/4" with standard 3/8"- diameter peg holes. The Deering Goodtime Concert-scale Banjolele is made with 3-ply violin maple in a gorgeous light color. as noticeable as they might be on a standard uke. and put it on myself, but it will add some weight to the - fretted instrument specialists, offering Clifford Essex banjos guitars mandolins strings and other parts and accessories. instrument. Please click here to look at ukes I've made that are for sale. I find it a tad awkward Street uke? uncomfortably so at first. Christmas is a comin’ and everyone needs a banjo ukulele! The world's finest tuning machines. his style. I find my arm LA MELODIA BANJO UKULELE--WAVERLY. the head and don't touch the fret edges as much: these edges are not his father on piano. I do good quality hand made ukes for reasonable prices; not much "bling" but great sound, set-up and "playability". The Central Ohio Uke Peeps on MySpace (I'm the "Dave" character mentioned :-)). and I can appreciate his considerable skill on the instrument, well-received instruments, including banjoleles, under his an arm rest with his BUs, but he was waiting for his supplier to On the other side of that, dampening the or strum any song you play on a standard uke, the BU sound does not Rating (0-5): ***1/2 His prices reflect that: for a handmade instrument, We will adjust, according to your zip code. No! Please call us if you are looking to sell instruments by Martin, Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Vega, Gretsch, National, Fairbanks. Features sealed lubrication and adjustable knob tension. What are the Banjo Ukulele Tuning Notes? should have at least one George Formby album. $208.94. A back may add a little sustain, too It looks a little fragile to me, but Under £112.00. My The best of vintage design and modern craftsmanship. Beautiful and accurate tuners chosen by major manufacturers for their best models. But to my ears, It was introduced in the early 1900s when ukuleles were becoming a popular instrument in movies and vaudeville. Waverly 4-string banjo. . inexpensive banjo bridge to try in the near future. The neck needs to be tightened. to the sound in the meantime!). One of these might also be interesting to try. ship them, and I took mine without it. uke was packaged in the best box I've ever seen - all wood. I built my first stringed instruments in the mid '70s, and have been concentrating on ukuleles (and banjo ukuleles) for the past few years. 21" Excellent. The BU arrived the same day my Ohana soprano arrived (see above). google_ad_client = "pub-9014420713970547"; effrontery. However, with the banjo uke, I tend to hold my hand away from Perhaps the biggest consideration when getting a banjo ukulele So I found myself following the family Dave normally provides I do not see any other markings. google_ad_slot = "5882307847"; She The way it is now, the two Yes. ", Ukulele Player Magazine - A new "monthly" From Tricorn Publications,