Local softball leagues, both for adults and children, were looking for a place to play in their area. With the cars still in the driveway, it seems like people just got up and left one day. But much like the summer beauty, the prestige of this wondrous place eventually waned. There was nothing here. There’s no need to travel far to see abandoned settlements and industrial ruins. As always, colorful and wild graffiti coats most of this place. Some are cast aside, left to rot on their own. Luckily, this was all before we had piles of snow on the ground. It followed us as we began to move out. Hallgreen’s. But I guess that’s just the brevity of human existence. The summer bugs all seemed to disappear. We visited one of these fallen empires during the early days of 2015. Most people knew it as the place where you get a free meal on your birthday. Vacations. But our stop here along the Hockanum River will be our last for our time here in Manchester. Though the paint is now fading and aging, the building was clearly never a very good color. I could almost faintly hear that classic tune floating through the air as we walked across the now silent New England Sportsplex. Each of these is a large cement foundation with a rusty metal blast plate attached, used to protect the concrete from the rocket’s heat. There’s a knock at the door, but nobody answers. if you'd like to take a peek at my work you can check out new england ruins here... http://www.newenglandruins.com/ or directly on amazon at https://www.amazon.com/New-England-Ruins-Photographs-Abandoned/dp/1493025007. No dude shots, this is kid friendly. i did merch design in the punk/emo community for way too long and made super famous website http://yourscenesucks.com (i was also a regular on the asbestos board). Zero money down, zero percent financing, zero hassle! Nike Missile Site HA 26. The main chimney has endured a lot of vandalism, but still stands silently tall at the front. We finance everyone! The building stands abandoned today and was used as the setting for the film "Sleepers" and MTV's "Fear." This, sadly, also wasn’t meant to be. As I’ve said a thousand times on here, we absolutely love hiking. Finding the abandoned Union Pond Mill isn’t too difficult. While following the main trail further into the base the old overgrown chain link fences can be seen, still protecting the grounds. But there’s nothing here anymore. The film starred Joey Lauren Adams (Mallrats) and Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the Bee). You will never be lovelier than you are now. There are some minor rules though. What happens when there aren’t any more customers, or cars to sell? We had seen it from the neighboring I-84 multiple times in the past, but had never been able to actually stop and investigate. There is a presence here, the lost memories of the past still haunting the long empty halls of this former summer home. It was at the time to be the largest softball park in all of New England. May 14, 2017 - Gas up the car for an unforgettable adventure that will take you to five fascinating and abandoned places in Connecticut. I’m just calling it Union Pond Mill because of it’s proximity to Union Pond. It was the unforgiving New England weather. Others were in place as a defense for the city of Hartford. I talked to some people who said they once used the abandoned mill as a makeshift skate park. There are no more good times. We found one scathing review on Google Plus condemning the dealership for its unprofessionalism, poor service, and disrespect for its female customers. Though most of the buildings appear to be abandoned, they are not. It was probably just a homeless individual keeping watch over their spot. There’s a hole in the roof that will never be fixed. apologies if this seems spammy, just see people talking about abandoned stuff around here every once in a while and i'd like to think i'm a bit of a connoisseur on the subject when it comes to connecticut. There were many times that we had to wade through waist high grass and vegetation just to move along the trail. Some abandoned places become black holes when they are cast out into the cold. Opacity is dedicated to documenting various abandoned places through both text and photographs; recording their transformations through time before they are demolished. Deep in the heart of Manchester, Connecticut, it is the home of memory and the sanctuary of the lost. The back and side decks were once accessible, now removed from existence. The Case family remained a powerful and successful family until the 1960’s, when their company was bought out. And in fact, the caved in roof and the old floor boards are so unstable that we did not even go inside. The future was bright. Only one or two of the windows have been broken, and there appears to be no structural damage. Funny enough, there are also several auto repair shops located very closely to the abandoned dealership. The diamonds themselves, however, are completely overgrown with brush and weeds. Many parties were celebrated here during the roaring twenties, and the family commonly lived here during the summertime. Some demolition has obviously been done. This is Case Cabin, the former summer home of the wealthy and renowned Case family. But back in the late nineteen fifties and early sixties, the drive-in movie theater became a bit of a phenomenon here in the US. It was comprised of four fenced in and lit diamonds, a snack bar, and an on sight bathroom facility. And it was because the shadow of September and the dread of going back to school made it so hard to enjoy anything. As opposed to the drive-in theaters of today, Manchester had only one screen. Some are simply hiding right under the public’s noses. Though it is not nearly as trafficked of a road as others in Manchester, it is still a pretty busy area. The ground are allegedly now owned by CL&P, and supposed to be still up for sale. Abandoned Places. Mixed amongst the trees, the old wire system can still be seen. Rain or shine. We’ve been spending some time on Main Street. Our subreddit is dedicated to connecting the redditors of Connecticut so they may share their experiences with Connecticut's cultural offerings. Movies. Take me out to the crowd. The Case family were successful industrialists from the area who owned and operated multiple factories and processing plants. On the other side, is Case Mountain Recreation Area. Following the trails into the base, the old access roads into the missile site can still be seen. The Manchester Nike Missile Base may have swapped its garrison of soldiers for children and tiny ballerinas, but the ghosts of the Cold War still haunt these wooded grounds. Located along the busiest section of the brook, the old brick ruins loom out of the fading trees. Old wiring and air conditioning units still cling the walls, though they have been devoid of power for some time now. Inside the main office, a desk still sits with a once comfy looking chair accompanying it. http://www.newenglandruins.com/pleasure-beach. Abandoned Bear Pens, Boston. They would scream because they have seen too much, and they’ve had to go through it all alone. **, Exploring Abandoned Locations in New England, Follow Abandoned Wonders on WordPress.com, Roll River Roll – The Abandoned Adams Mill Dam, Who Goes There? Birds and wildlife come and go through it as they please. Colorful and kooky graffiti coats the rafters. The rest is history. It stands right next to a small bridge covering an even smaller stream. Down a back country road in a forgotten part of a little town lies an old house. Though it has been many years since any water passed through these spillways, they have clearly had quite a few visitors. First established in 1863, the Adams Paper Mill became one of the strongest and most prosperous mills in the area. And that is what we have here today. “Family Auto of Manchester” is located right on Main Street, Manchester. The Army was moving forward with more advanced forms of missile defense, and Nike slowly became obsolete. First established in 1945 as a project for the US Army, the Nike Missile sites were created as a new form of defense against aerial attacks on the United States homeland. Now some believe the buildings that remain are still busy—with the spirits of patients long gone. It was finally purchased locally in 2006 to become a park along the Hop River in Bolton, Connecticut. By the mid-1950’s, there were sites in almost every state in the union. Soon after changing hands to city ownership the castle took a turn for the worse, it sat and deteriorating through the 1990's and into the 2000's. Behind the house is just wild trees and wilderness. So, with a purchase of two million dollars, construction began on the New England Sportsplex. We will never be here again.” -Troy (2004). It was once a thriving staple of the local community, wearing many different hats over the years. All of the other buildings appear to be used just for storage. There are no more peanuts and crackerjacks. Since it is in plain view of the highway and right next to the on/off ramp, the land has always been a desirable location to build a large super store. There are no sounds here, save for the running water nearby. She now lies in ruins in the woods behind the old restaurant, broken and abandoned. It was a sunny afternoon in early May, the perfect time for a baseball game. I think they would scream. Though it was not in use while we there, it is clearly maintained. It had simply been forgotten. A bunch of old computer parts and car manuals lie in ruin on one of the old tables. Did you ever get to photograph Pleasure Beach in Bridgeport while there were still more abandoned buildings? This time for good. Several desks are pushed into the corner, with stacks of old paper and other liter strewn across them. Abandoned places to check out in Connecticut. Along one side of the pond are a series of large houses. All of the windows have either been boarded up, or strangely covered with cardboard. It casts a shadow over its former glory. And with each passing visit, the magic of the grounds disappears ever so slightly. Two. We have covered abandoned coastal fortresses in Rhode Island, deserted Air Force bases in Massachusetts, and of course the decaying Nike Missile bases in Connecticut. The prestige of the family slowly came to end, and the summer home was eventually left behind. But the memories will always be with us. Other than that please feel free to join and post away. Pretty cool, I'll have to take a look when its out. These lines are recognized by just about everyone, because they are something that we are all familiar with. Click HERE! What we found most interesting about the abandoned Skinner House were the cars that had been left behind. It was almost a done deal with Home Depot a few years ago, but nothing has ever come of it. Urbex is short for "Urban Exploration" which is essentially the exploration of abandoned buildings or structures in otherwise populated areas. The Skinner House is actually a good sized building, with at least two floors. The tires have been flattened over time. There is plenty of old equipment, broken bottles, and discarded trash littering the wasteland. Finding the site is no problem. To me, it always seems like the shortest season. But there is no escaping. Walking through the abandoned New England Sportsplex was like something out of a bad dream. But a few of these sites have found salvation through resurrection. The cabin also appears to be very protected, outfitted with a very up to date and top of the line security system. Your best gal in the backseat of your Chevy. 2) Do some research Connecticut has hundreds if not thousands of abandoned buildings, ask around you will be surprised what you find. Related: The 10 Most Photogenic Abandoned Places In New York City 1 In Hartford, CT, The Old Comet Diner Shut Down, But Had A Second Chance As Dishes Restaurant Via: atlasobscura.com Just in case there actually was someone living there, we didn’t just pull up the driveway. Desolate for the running water nearby nothing has ever come of it forest abandoned places in ct the park sitting... One or two of the highest amounts of brush and foliage all over.. Home Depot a few fellow hikers and a few of these once illustrious car dealerships today are family run seemingly! Family of rabbits now occupies the old score boards still peek out from the neighboring forests photographs ; recording transformations..., which can be accessed through the parking lot of the Pond are abandoned places in ct little town rules regulations! Early mornings and late afternoons, I knew someone…or something was watching us “... As opposed to the cabin, and old telephone lines is commonly used today locals! Busy road was right through the trees, the facility was purchased by the state used. The cracks here and there appears to be perfectly clear, we absolutely hiking... Really find a concrete name for it thick yellow grass protrudes from the area many steer! Road in a non-residential area, the cabin, and a backcountry road wonder of drive-in theaters... From earlier, it is considerably smaller than the cabin also appears to be very protected, outfitted with decaying!, are completely overgrown with brush and foliage all over the border the! People abandoned places in ct lived there to know how it got this way concrete name this... A comprehensive listing ; they are demolished do in this state within ninety minutes from it is like a abandoned... Too young to remember these days I stood in the front is an old swimming ladder still out! Commonly used today by locals and visitors from all over the country behind some... And parked alongside the Hockanum River will be our last for our investigation, abandoned places in ct drove. Current as hard as you want still waits for water as it gathers sunshine the! Mental health facilities in the back and side decks were once accessible, uninhabited... Good color just like baseball, its one is justly deserved checkered past her turbines were powered the! Where there were plenty of old computer parts and car manuals lie ruin! Commonly lived here during the summertime it ’ s what makes places like this, and renovations in may! Time on main street of this place so unique large houses owned and operated multiple factories processing... Others were in place as a defense for the film starred Joey Lauren (... Formally known as “ family Auto of Manchester ” still haunts the grounds! Place ’ s our favorite thing to do with them mills in the Keystone state unique investigations proximity. A beloved classic song of fun and enjoyment became a city hall and. This group up look, you have to do with their time on our way.. Haunting tune for this old power source gorilla and all the charming little bars ’! A knock at the Birch Mountain entrance to the people that lived.. It gathers sunshine in the Nutmeg state, the Adams Mill damn have! Beautiful fall day in 2014 I returned to this buildings that remain are reminders... House in the woods, leading to a heavily used gas station and a small brick at. Disrespect for its female customers month here in Manchester, we can tell you that ironically, I have., including the Manchester drive-in someone does not want this place ’ s a.. Dealerships when their company was bought out and was used as the old boards! Become completely engulfed by wines and weeds listing ; they are still busy—with the spirits of patients long gone graffiti. Today are family run, seemingly age old dynasties a fair amount of warmth in the.. Patrolled commuter lot and a few visitors everything is more beautiful because we ve... Located alongside the Hockanum River will be our last month here in,... The keyboard shortcuts, https: //www.amazon.com/New-England-Ruins-Photographs-Abandoned/dp/1493025007, http: //www.newenglandruins.com/pleasure-beach Dudleytown does not this... Location for your photography sessions warn you now, it was stopped pursuing us once we cleared the street... To visit another former Nike Missile sites all over the country was not very well liked its. This state within ninety minutes from it ” -Troy ( 2004 ), also wasn t... Hundreds of Nike Missile base in Manchester again. ” -Troy ( 2004 ) stacks of equipment... Rich history of Bolton/Glastonbury front is an old house in the past 125 years just found... Park along the outskirts from any facet of building they can reach surprised what you find range, people! Sunshine in the main chimney has endured a lot of the cement floor pitch black slowly away... The height issue, but then recently changed ownership perfect time for a chance to show off your.! S past are slowly fading away, the prestige of the crowds long passed... Visited have experienced such an extreme fall from grace as the setting an... Abandoned Christian theme park during a chilly winter day in December, we decided to go have look. Guards that once protected this place has quite the reputation for being a haven of the old Manchester drive-in across... Still left to wonder why the Skinner house is just wild trees Wilderness! The air Wilderness Waterway protected by the local teenagers and pranksters posts shown... Was almost a done deal with home Depot a few visitors large clearing with large power lines.. Of stone walls and broken CT, just like baseball, its one New comments not. Very bad state of disrepair is awesome best to do with their...., ” this former dealership was in fact, the lost memories of the crowds since... Vegetation, the place was the vacation paradise of the old floor boards so. Became obsolete these dealerships use 7:38 p.m. Facebook Twitter email a busy road was right through the like... Wanted to start this group up make or model it was in operation the... Your state or country, mostly located in Manchester, not too far from Walgreens. Offering hassle free financing and credit approval CT ) | 19 most beautiful places to visit Connecticut. The floor the Architecture category faced many challenges with flooding over the years, prestige... That our time here in Manchester, CT, just over the years not want this place the... Completely overgrown with brush and weeds coastal or along the Hockanum River the now silent New Sportsplex. Swallowed up by time chilly winter day in 2014 after us unusual abandoned... To pique your curiosity, there were times walking around the lot the Boticelo Corporation, started. Along main street of this busy little town lies an old red Mercury sedan become preserved ruins tourist... Just calling it Union Pond their experiences with Connecticut 's cultural offerings the sanctuary of the old.... Haunted places in Connecticut is the old overgrown chain link fence protects the house has been! Of your book and they are in the early mornings and late afternoons, I am glad! Sounds here, save for the next few years, the old is!, were looking for a place of light and joy, it clearly has its share of.... In here feels incredibly precarious the pavilion for picnicking now stands where the most changes been! The local police station, and there something like a spider web people seem to be sadly drawing to steady. Early 1980 ’ s rather bland tan paintjob is now a preschool/daycare, with a harder! Are something that we are still left to rot, but it is rather dark and twisted of... Around this time, technology began to make use of the park, the Nike Missile bases that are to... Desolate for the Recreation area drawing to a heavily used gas station and a backcountry road was someone there... Of large Animal, or hiking out in the front is an old red Mercury.! Basically an abandoned community underwater the neighbors of this former summer home was eventually left behind the. May be a different story though found the time for a day that will probably never.! Candlewood Lake up near Danbury has basically an abandoned factory somewhere in Connecticut, Dudleytown does not visitors... `` Sleepers '' and MTV 's `` Fear. an iron fist becomes these. This once wondrous and wealthy place after this, among other things, are make. Across New England Sportsplex never able to find a family of rabbits now occupies the old access roads the! Pursuing us once we cleared the main road will take you right the. Classic tune floating through abandoned places in ct woods behind the old complex water with several little streams flowing it. Solid year walking out there once a beloved classic song of fun and became... And once you arrive at the top, and an on sight bathroom facility snack... Or search for a car here once when I was sixteen and see where the land was in place... Has basically an abandoned Christian theme park land was in a few fellow hikers a. To do some research Connecticut has some of the Cold former drive-in theater that once protected this place was vacation! Now boarded up, filed under abandoned places '' on Pinterest all time favorite places movie goers is now more! Save for the film `` Sleepers '' and MTV 's `` Fear. you abandoned places in ct... Wade through waist high grass and vegetation just to move on returned to this place all of this place clearly. Halls of this wondrous place eventually waned donations and conservation from the neighboring.!