After years of planning, Newtown took ownership of the property in August. During some shifts at Fairfield Hills, two guards not only patrol the perimeter of the 1,000-acre campus and nearby streets, but also control traffic and investigate crimes. Fairfield Hills North At Farmingville. The Fairfield Hills reputation is a headache for town officials. We offer exceptional amenities!Our FREE 7,000 square foot clubhouse has a Banquet Hall, State-Of-The-Art fitness center, sauna & steam rooms. Fairfield Hills State Hospital. Get our eeriest tales and best book deals delivered straight to your inbox. Local News Stories Newtown Selectmen to take up Fairfield Hills proposal. The Fairfield (or Fairfield Hills) State Hospital, in some cases just alluded to as Fairfield Hills, is a deserted old mental foundation for the intellectually as well as criminally crazy situated in Newton, Connecticut. Bizarre Travel. I said Newtown was 'mostly' built to support Fairfield Hills Hospital you cad. Fairfield State Hospital bird’s-eye view. Weston, WV. By the time I was in high school, the few remaining buildings were shutting down for good. Some for educating, some for recovering and most for restraining. Photo Credit: Patrick Rohe / Flickr (CC) Haunted Hospitals. Fairfield Hills is consisted of many “houses” as they call them, or large buildings each with a function in years past. Posted less than an hour ago by WLAD Newsroom . Legend states the girl, dressed in a white gown, stares out of a window of the derelict Fairfield Hills State Hospital in Connecticut where tales of cruelty have left a lingering darkness. The proposed amendment request to the Planning and Zoning Commission would allow housing as part of the … After all, it has gained a reputation as being one of the most haunted places in the state. Author: G F CC BY 2.0. At one time the hospital reached its capacity and housed around 4,000 … But at least the story of the buildings of Fairfield Hills have a somewhat happy ending. Fairfield State Hospital (as it was known from 1929 to 1963) or Fairfield Hills Hospital (as it was known after 1963) was a psychiatric hospital in Newtown, Connecticut, which operated from 1931 until 1995.At its peak, the hospital housed over 4,000 patients. The entire facility was owned and operated by the State of … Newtown, CT. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons; Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Aslyum. In spite of the fact that the living no longer dwell here, it is said that numerous phantoms freque The Newtown Board of Selectmen will take up a proposal related to Fairfield Hills tonight. The town of Newtown purchased the property and its buildings from the state in 2007, and have turned them into the … Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital has been closed for many years now but still holds one of the scariest history of any known haunted places. Fairfield Hills State Hospital is a bucolic place but it has a dark and ugly past. Abandoned Places. The most popular reason why people come to visit is the paranormal activity in the area. Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital was built in the 1930's. The corner stone for the Fairfield Hills Hospital was laid on June 10, 1931. In other words the dump Newtown was a largely isolated ghost town until Fairfield Hills … Fairfield Hills North is Long Island's Premiere, Private, Gated and Resort Style Rental Townhouse Community! REad your. own copy and paste " the population dwindled to a low of 2,635 in 1930 before again growing ". All of the buildings on the campus as was commonplace in those days were connected with underground tunnels. Stories of cruelty and abuse were rampant during the hospital’s operation.