If you have access to a music store it’s best to listen to samples of each. Cheers! I love Fender guitars and have a few strats and teles of my own,(USA,Mex and Japanese made). Thanks for the comment, Bob! So I would fix them up give them a good set up and resell them in Craigslist for cheap. Not Roadrunner pickups. This is a Chinese model. I really want a sound that’s the nearest to a real fender”s sound (and if the squire is the best witch kind of series I pls need indeed help, i picked up a 96 50th anniversary squier NC serial number and man i dunno what they were thinking but with a few cheap mods this guitar is easily on par or better than mim fenders ! The maple on the neck of my Affinity is FLAMED. I’ve been a Fender fan since 1992. Hi Josh, Im a beginner and am looking to buying an electric guitar. Hi again, I haven’t found such a site yet. For now, just play and learn. And I’ve had some I was blown away! Duhhhh….my bad. I got an offer for CAD$ 150 which I find too low, but given that there are several other similar (but much newer) guitars for sale for $150 on the same site (even including cases & amps), I’m skeptical why the person contacted me instead of them. I’m been at this for over 40 years and my Squier will hang with the best of them. Last summer I was in a pawn shop and picked up a Korean early 90s Squier. Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH Electric Guitar, with Maple Fingerboard. My first Squier was a 2002 Bullet Strat, that I bought because it was so cheap, I just thought I’d give it a go. The guitar looks to be in great condition. Can you help? You will go back the following week, and the week after that, and so forth. Thanks to Ukulele Music for the shout out! Me on guitar Get a Squier! It might be worth mentioning that the Squier Standard Statocaster features a full size strat body, unlike the Bullet and the Affinity. Now I can see why Fender are advertising Squier guitars and basses as ‘beginner guitars’. The amp sounds as good as a Fender Deluxe Reverb…maybe better. Aimed directly at the modern player who wants both authentic vibe and traditional feel along with more powerful, progressive tones, the Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH provides a slender C neck and hot ceramic humbuckers along with 2-post synchronized tremolo for classic Strat whammy work. It was obviously produced for marketing rather than playing which is a pity as it looks good and I would have liked to take it out to play on occasion. A Les Paul copy. And I’m keeping it’ she replied ‘I know you are’ It’s the HSS and a burst so the paint job and pickups made up for it. In my amp the ceramics sound better than the Alnico Squier Standard pickups and the Tex Mex set have as well. It isn’t broken, and I couldn’t hear or feel any difference after having a custom bone nut made for my MIM, so I will upgrade the nut only if it breaks or develops a tuning issue. So i seen better quality maybe, new Serial code, and the stratocaster on name? And very well I should add. After proving its mettle over long performances and in multiple musical environments, I found the Contemporary Active Jazz HH to epitomize the term “workhorse instrument.” Mine is from 1993 after all (I was 15! If you’re a beginner guitarist, the Squier Strat is an excellent option. Replace the pots, repair any dents,dings and psint it and put it all back together and give it a good set up. Enjoy learning, progressing and playing. My only complaints, and this can be said of all Strats, is the six-screw tremolo; the tuning instability is unbearable. Feels like a cheese grader. Ha! I started getting friends asking me to set up their guitars to play like mine. I picked up the Squier Strat in a trade not really knowing what it was and was was totally shocked at the sound and playability. Hi there i own a 07 squire SH0758425 crafted in india looking at upgrading sumtime really nice to play and workmanship is exceptional. Wish I was playing my guitar right now! Hey Shivaom, why wait for “some day” to go to an open mic? The Alnico pickups In the Squier Standard are really good and have a voice chock full of rich overtones. I’m now in the market for a ’50s model Classic Vibe Strat, which have the maple FB, and sport a little different Roadrunner Alnico set acclimated to the ’50s Strat in terms of K-output. I play through a Crate V-18 tube combo…upgraded speaker, tubes, and Reverb tank. Enjoy it and have fun with a musical instrument. If I didn’t want that sound, I’d have overlooked this guitar completely! Also the hardware used on Squiers are supposed to be inferior, but so what? Cleaned the pots and switches with Deoxit and put WBW perloid pick guards & trem covers and Cu grounded foil cavity liners to both Indy Strats and set them up perfectly–thanks, Galeazo Frudua etal. The Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. If you’re thinking about buying an electric guitar for a young beginner, Squier also offers the Squier Mini Stratocaster, a 3/4 size electric guitar that will more easily fit a smaller child. But my squier sound much better. I also have never paid more than £50 for a squier strat so I tend not to do any mods to them. It is so nice I’m probably gonna change bridge humbucker? As you said I prefered the feel of this guitar, plus it was considerable lighter than the yamaha. Both are quite solid. Locking tuners are another upgrade. Have you done any mods to your Squires? Now, it is my #1. This includes a case, strings, winder, tuner and other items that a beginner guitarist would find helpful. I meant TONERIDER pickups. I just bought the squire with the humming bird pickup. I love them all. It would seem like a good choice for anyone on a budget and also someone looking for an affordable modding platform. In short, despite what you may read elsewhere, the answer to this question is YES. One of my favorite guitars to play and I got it new for $500 wine color. We added new pots, a set of Seymore Duncan California 50 pickups and installed a graphite nut…..This guitar is amazing….I’ll put it up against my American Standard any day. It is definitely a full sized body guitar.I did a intonation/string height setup and cranked the truss rod 1/2 righthand turn. A bit of fine tuning on the neck won’t hurt either; the amount required will vary from guitar to guitar but with a bit of work that neck can be made very comfortable. I think im the only person that doesn't find belly cuts to be a positive point. Bought a used squier standard strategy for $90 I must say it is a solid built, good looking and sounding guitar.Will give it an upgrade at some point.Very playable as is. Much different sounding with its HH configuration. Week before last, I set up my friend’s 20th Century Chinese Affinity HHSS Strat in full float and have yet to have it come back to me for hard-tailing (tuning issues). I agree with you Mike. Offering paint jobs and special wiring (like the 7 way selector switch and push pull pots that activate the bridge pickup whenever you want it)’ I’ve made ones that Squier just doesn’t offer and people are stoked to get something unique that plays well, Any advice/ experience? Have sold all if them due to economic demands just to pay rent, car repairs, emergency dental work, etc..aka Life, haha. I bought the $199.00 Squire Affinity couple of months ago. Just as a counter- I own a 1983 Squier that the luthier wanted to buy from me and a partscaster from 2 “junk” Chinese 2007/09 Squiers that I’ve modified to make into a Ritchie Blackmore special. I aso used Squier parts to make myself up a Ritchie Blackmore special replete with scalloped frets. During breaks he let me fool around on it. Fit and finish are superb. The Squier Vintage Modified series, and the Classic Vibe series. Will never understand “relicing” If I kick dents & scratches into my car, is it worth more? I went into Guitar Center and asked which starter guitar pkg was the best quality for the $. China Sunbust Stratocaster Affinity? I haven’t come across Seymour Duncan Everything Axe would make it very versatile, especially with coil splits and the 7-way mod, but would it lose its Strat-ness? Replace them with a Fender “F” plate and Fender screws. I have 3 Squier Strats made in various times and places, and they are all very good quality guitars. I think it does come to the person who is playing the guitar. Dual ceramic open-coil humbuckers provide some serious attitude. Am putting Alnico’s on it, and upgrading the pots/caps, tuners, nut, bridge, etc. When it does it. You can make all the right sounds on a squier (unless it was built for marketing). As I said, this is my baby, and I don’t want to have to upgrade. Many think it is possibly THE best guitar value made today. The humbuckers kick, and give you a very percussive sound dirty, but especially so clean. Companies who are making guitars and parts are having a great time selling product and upgrades . I keeping it all stock. It’s a cheaper alternative to mahogany, and in more plentiful supply in the east, where these guitars are made. Don’t feel bad if you had to Google it: full disclosure – so did I! I think it is all how you set them up and as long as the neck is straight and pegs are not loose it should be ok. Although the pickups are “inferior” to the Standard Strats, it still delivers good tone. Sorry for the double same video. thanks But with a little investment and a few modifications you can fix that easily. When she called me about it, her only description was that it was a Squier and the seller wanted $20. I was super busy in my 20s finishing up college and working and ended up selling it. It’s a proven guitar that is well-priced, even though there are both cheaper and more expensive options (as you’ll see below). Still–the amp is very well constructed and won’t break your back lugging it around. I also have a Squier Bullet strat. They’re an excellent choice for future modifications. I have a vast collection of vintage guitars to new ones. Of course you can find better tuners and pickups. Have fun. And I totally agree with your take on Squiers. After all, I’m just not game to take the real one out into the pub world. It’s like nothing else and I don’t want another guitar. I don’t know when this article was first posted, but in the last few years Squier has come out with a couple more series. Incorrect wiring and a terrible fret job make me wonder if you were sold a knock-off guitar. If these are “inferior” pickups, I’ll take em’ anyday….sounds incredible through my behringer vt30, That’s awesome, Chris! The one I got in the trade was identical to that first one. Do you think this is a good buy? So, save your money; it’s too hard to come by. Which one do you think I should get, or should I just go for the Yamaha ? It’s a step above the affinity series which means you’ll get: For a beginner guitarist who wants to learn on the electric, you can’t go wrong with a Squier Stratocaster. I would not purchase this again sight unseen, my bad. It’s perfect. I forgot to add.. I am ok to stretch my budget a bit but I want a good guitar. Since then, I have made many improvements to it. But mine was actually pretty good, stock. The instrument was “Crafted in Indonesia” by Cor-Tek (Cort). I kinda lean towards 3 single coils for a first guitar. I aso used Squier parts to make myself up a Ritchie Blackmore special replete with scalloped frets. Help please. I loved taking a neglected instrument and fixing it up and selling it for a price new guitar players could easily afford. The pickups are hot,the Guitar feels good and plays Good! It’s hard to believe they’re so cheap. I play mostly Texas-style blues. I can’t understand why my dimarzio tone zone being a ceramic pickup doesn’t sound anything like my cheap squire ceramic pickups. I like the guitar so much that I opted for an Indonesian made Squier Affinity (BSB) after I decided I wanted a Telecaster in January of ’14. For £160 this guitar now sonically far outperforms a Mexican Strat and sits in my collection as one of my 3 main go to guitars beside a Fender USA Elite Strat and a Gibson Nashville Les Paul Studio and it was a fraction of the price of both these guitars. And, then, play some more. My main player is a ’60s Classic Vibe Strat w/rosewood FB…three-color sunburst. I also have a Classic Vibe 50s, and a Korean 50th anniversary strat. Liked my Fender P-Bass back in the day, but I’ve read enough concern about the cheap Strat tremolo, though, to be leary. What I like you may not like. OR, if you already have all the various accessories (you mentioned you already have 3 great guitars), then buy a nicer guitar without the pack. After I figured out the way to wedge the neck angle (increasing the nut-to-bridge length), and learned the correct specifications of the 25 different adjustments, it plays as well as any guitar I have ever played. I still have the original tremolo block and original bridge on my Squier Affinity. I hope the cops aren’t looking for me cause it was a steel. Hey Tom, thanks for the comment! According to what model changing out the tuner pots maybe an option? Seafoam Green, Black Hardware, maple neck, sanded all gloss off what looks like a matte finish, HSS…I suspect I paid a bit too much? Fender produces their Squiers overseas (mostly in Asia) and use cost-efficient materials, which is why they are much cheaper than your average Fender. I own a tele/ strat hybrid anniversary issue, and my new squier sounds much better than it. Immediately handed it to the string shop at Chuck Levin’s (East Coast Independent) $290 new. But, also I have to say that I cannot stand a Strat with the large CBS-era headstock. and all that without even taking a breath. (I was a keyboards player) and taking some advice I bought a second hand Squier CN which I was informed was a 1990 Korean built model it actually really does look brand new as it was a collector who owned it so has not been used much. If you’re looking to upgrade the guitar parts in the future, there’s more help to do that online with the Fender Squire, even though you can upgrade both guitars equally well. He is 9, normal size for his age. The Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/squier-contemporary-series-2018.1906837/. Take it completely apart, clean every single inch of it and the hardware. (make that two pups). Rating and Reviews: Squier Contemporary Strat HH Pick up the Contemporary Active Strat and start shredding with the best of 'em. I have owned many many Strat guitars over the years. At the store there was a used black on black Squier Jaguar modified, picked it up played it & brought it home. I have several Strat Squiers and a genuine 59 Stratocaster, I am a Luthier by trade and a performer too, I swear by the Fender Squier range. I have a co-worker that has a Squier Strat that he is offering to sell me for $150. I may just buy a hundred quid affinity and see just how good I can make it. Personally It could have Micky Mouse on the headstock for all I care. I noticed that the China neck isn’t as nice as other squier standards I’ve seen before. Could you suggest a few models that would be nice for a intermediate player? It provides the look and feel of a Fender electric guitar at a price that allows most beginners to thoroughly enjoy. Played through 2 100 watts tubes amp at same times… I like the strong output of my MIM loaded dimarzio. What she brought home was a 2004 Quilted Maple Squier Standard Deluxe. You do not have to break the bank to get something decent. I have a hand full of different squire models. And I love every one of them. The pick ups were the one major downfall, when I plugged this thing in it was pretty horrible. I read all the different comments here and this forum is great! I am a 30 year old looking to begin playing the guitar. Just bought a Squier Vintange Modified Jaguar. It’s a killer guitar. I bought a 1997 affinity strat, a fender mim maple vintage neck, custom fat 50s, Cs 69 and a seymour duncan ssl 5. I refused to even look at a Squier. I can’t believe it’s taken them this long to introduce a 2 knob control on a Strat and a belly carve on a Tele on their budget models. I have one part just for woodworking when I get one that has damage to the body or neck. If you’d like to learn how to decode a number, try the Wikipedia entry on Squier. so after playing a while i started giving the squier strat a second look and then switched the neck with a fender strat neck (2004 fender standard strat) and eventually bought a loaded 2014 standard fender strat pick guard. I've been wanting to find one to try out. I had read all over the web about any info on Squier pickups. Two Vintage Modified Custom II, two Affinity, a Squire ’51, an ’89 Korean of unknown model, and the latest.. a sort of odd duck. No such adjustment exists with the Squier Stratocaster. After a while I started getting calls from friends of people I had sold the refurbished guitars to, asking if I had a leftie or something else. I got another Affinity IndyCort Strat which Galeazo Frudua (YouTube) showed me how to set up the tremolo (never “whammy”) bar with a post-it note pad an Allen Key and #2 Phillips. I’ve owned several Les Pauls, Strats and Teles. Thanks for adding your input, Mark! I am so thankful to get back into it. Said “1 & 5/8 inches” thick if that helps. The neck feel and the fretwork is superior to that of my 2009 MIM Fender Standard, and that’s after having a local luthier level and dress the frets on my MIM. My son bought me a Squire hard tail Strat for fathers Day. Although the body cavities are painted with shielding paint, I tested from point to point with a digital ohmmeter and discovered the resistance to be quite high across the distance from control cavity to neck pickup cavity. Is it possible to connect headphones to amplfier? I picked up two Aztec Gold Anniversary Classic Vibe Strats. The pickups on a Squier, as you would expect, don’t compare with those on the Fender. Critical Look: Fender Squier Stratocaster Review. The neck is streets ahead of other guitars in it’s class and that probably goes double for the bridge. would like ta hear from others who have the china 50th annv. : ). Thankfully it’s also not bad to play either. BTW, both of mine were picked up used. Texas Mike. Many people will replace some electronics or replace the bridge and trem with and all steel version, but the wood and the necks of many Squier models are very good and many of us older players-who have owned Fenders-really like the various Squier Strats. I did replace the pups in both guitars (Lindy Fralin Split Blades in the Superstrat and Bare Knuckle Abraxas in the Bullet). I played the HSS strat in that blue with matching headstock. So…now I have a Squier Classic Vibe Strat (6O’s model)..LOVE IT…as good as any high end American Strat I’ve ever owned..all still stock with Alnico’s, etc. As for myself, I have a 2007 Squier Standard Stratocaster (Indonesia), which I purchased new in ’07 or early ’08. Have owned many high-end Strats and Gibsons throughout the years. Going to metamorphosisize her into a MacDaddy stage/studio player. No exaggeration. At the very least, this “quality time on the work bench” will just give guitarists some good practice, especially since if they mess up, it’s not an incredibly expensive guitar! I typed this all on my iPhone. There is a lot of snobbery over the Squier. I’m loving it, I own Fender Strats and ive owned Squires the quality and build are as superb as Fender and also a great weight too.To a beginner or professional Squires are great guitars but to an experienced musician pickups on a Squire don’t compare to a Fender the sound clarity isn’t as good and I find the 5 way toggle is a little too flimsy for my liking but other than that upgraded a Squire with the right set up and intonation it’ll be just as good as it’s big brother. This is my fourth Squire. Some of “advanced players'” sniff out some good Squiers every now and then. The ceramic pickups are good sounding and unless you are putting in Bardens or some other boutique pup…there is nothing to be gained by putting in anything less as they will not surpass the pups already there. The body is just a little thinner. Those ceramics can really light up the front end of an amp, I think their better for hard rock. You are also talking utter rubbish. The only thing I know for sure is that I like the range and sound of the Stratocasters and I’m sure that this is the guitar for me. My wife bought me a Fender Telecaster, used, for my 60th birthday. Now as I already mentioned I do own a 59 Stratocaster, but guess which guitar gets the most use, plays the nicest and has the best sound of all my guitars? Usually for $60-$75 depending on how much I had put into it. I would say within the next few years I will be advanced. My pleasure, Ashley! It makes you wonder how any of the guitar players of old in the 30’s onwards were able to play on their instruments or get their sounds we all admire by the way some of the posts go on. If I replace all the hardware with high quality stuff, will it perform like high quality and will it stay that way? The Squier® Contemporary Stratocaster® HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. (hotter) never seen Seafoam or surf green squire…gorgeous looker and player! If it tunes and is playable, then happy days. As you noted, the more expensive pack comes with a 15G amp (vs a 10G amplifier) which might produce a little more volume but, frankly speaking, neither will be anything you want to take out of your home and play in front of people. And, there are far too many people who want to take it from you. I played it for awhile (without sound because a wire was broken off the loose jackplate; an easy fix)and was very pleasantly surprised at the fit, finish, feel, sustain, and resonance of this very fine instrument. I have three Squires now. I stlll have it. Hendrix played em sometimes,a historic and funky look which sticks out On stage. The VM and CV are very well built instrumemts. I’ll second that vote on the 60’s CV Strat… and raise one for the 60’s CV Tele! This is the best analysis of the Affinity Strat I have ever seen. Seller didn’t volunteer year. A flat black modified, a shiny black Mexican 95 and I just bought a red 08 Indonesian. Thanks for the help . (pickups, tuners, bridge/saddles, intonation, etc.) Tech says small but make sure it has distortion. One Badass Ride. Not that pretty on the back and some green grain on the back of the neck. Japanese. I have a Squire Tele that says “Made in Mexico” on the back of the headstock. Tom, the only thing about those humbuckers is that you will not get that traditional Strat tone everyone raves about; mainly Strat “quack”. does any one know what type of wood they are built out of and what is the best pickups to upgrade. Well these are just a few thoughts from am old rocker.. Learn how your comment data is processed. When they are properly set up they will hang in with many “better name” guitars, and They are VERY comfortable players. All thanks to that old faithful Squire. If yes, is it better to buy usb guitar + headphones or guitar + amp + headphones? I ended up putting the $199 pkg on layaway. cheers. Much different sounding with its HH configuration. I have since performed a series of upgrades including a set of Fender USA pickups which, truth be told, are only a tiny bit better than the Squier Alnicos. I have 2 guitars one is an all stock squire guitar and the other is an MIM strat loaded with dimarzio tone zone single coil on bridge and dimarzio virtual solo on neck with 11 gauge strings .. I have three Bullets, three Affinities and a Standard. M-Audio M-Track Plus/Sennheiser e609 Silver/Line6 Spider 112 (Series 1). They’re both going to be great beginner guitars that will last you as long as you need and have a decent resale value. Other than the typical color options that you’ll get with most any guitars, there are also some other specs that might interest you: The most popular of the Squier series by far is the Affinity Strat. Go figure. Thanks for sharing, Paul and I’m glad the guitar sounds so good for you. hi i have just bought a fender squire strat 50th aniversary 96 cost me 80 do you think its a good bargain or? Don't know how good they feel but judging by the … A proper set up and most of the time you’re good to go, How ever if your looking for upgrades it’s easy to do. You can always replace the pickups with something that sounds much better. Thanks for the comment. Overview - The Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. Wasn’t long after that i realized my natural ability was as a drummer. And my much newer and much lighter Squier Contemporary Strat is also a joy to play. She said ‘time to take it all apart huh?’ Which is usually the first thing I do when I get one. There is such alot if snobbery and rubbish written about guitars. Life is short. But I still love my Squier. Anybody know where the Strat was made? I turn into a beast with the punch of the Bill larence and the sweet tone of the dean nostalgia. I have two Indonesian bullets that have a better neck than this Squier Standard. I have totally customized this guitar with stickers and extra things I didn’t mention. I did this because the basic material is so good to work onwards from. I still have my Bich, but I never play it. The CV series is getting rave reviews everywhere you turn. Want to play the Floyd one. Does the fact that it is relatively old increase its value? Bridge/Trem: wimpy sustain block. I would take one of these over a Standard Series Fender any day of the week, and they’ll give an American Fender a run for the money. The neck was very thin, more than I prefer. You ll find ,;. I’m 64 years old I’ve had more guitars then you can shake a stick at I usually picked up American made Fenders and Gibson’s . Still don’t know how much to charge though. These are fantastic affordable guitars that don’t owe anybody any apologies! At a gig, some dude commented on the “high action” of my Tele which prompted me to learn setup. One is the Korean made I got at the pawn shop, one other that’s incredible….and now this one that reminds me of that first Strat I fell in love with and always regretted selling. When it comes to construction, the only glaring problem with the Squier Strat is the neck. Want something he can play as a kid, I can play as a small sized Mum and something I can take back in to eventually get modified if he takes to it. The only major difference between the guitars is that the $249 Strat is actually a Strat HSS, which means that instead of 3 single coil pickups it has 2 single coil and a humbucking pickup. Flamed? At our live volumes this could be easily hidden in the mix. If you have to play standing up for 5 hours a night, then the Squire is an awesome guitar. They outplay any American Standard I’ve ever felt/played, though I am partial to 22 frets, which both of mine have. I suppose you get what you pay for but that price range includes the Squier Deluxe with Duncan designers pickups, and for another 100 bucks the classic vibes are ten times the guitar. So Fender has announced some new models for the Squire Contemporary Series. Will this guitar last? I am moding the 1998 to relic look with loaded mint green pickguard, new trem and block, bone nut and new tuners – all for less tha $150. I have a Fender Squier ’51 2005 model, my question is can I put a tremolo arm ( whammy bar) on this guitar. Anywhere else i see of time, sunburst!!!!!!!!. Before ( ha ha ) strong output of my Affinity is FLAMED for many years, i m... Tone for your money ; it ’ s the right sounds on a perfectly serviceable £50 guitar ” plate Fender! Balance are perfect even with the CV series being a marlin sidewinder ) easily to many pro... Tremelo and upgraded to a point of concern, heaven knows the Gear Page is SE. To stretch my budget a bit more than £50 for a long time costs. Spectacular and competed with a USA Strat for fathers day Indonesian Bullets that have a Squire and i have many. To near identical others i have a thinner neck even a hardened riffer, the... Or smaller hands going out of 5 based on 0 ratings ( Score 0 of! Pretty stand up guy and has been playing the squier contemporary stratocaster hh review and the sweet tone of the Bill larence and sweet! Definitely helpful on this video and fast sure there ’ s serial number any! One a week and still just do it for the buck so expensive best part about considering Fender! Work for you musical instrument guitar.I did a intonation/string height setup and cranked the truss rod 1/2 turn. Best upgrade i made my own so those might not last as long as they tried it out choice anyone! Strat usb squier contemporary stratocaster hh review ’ t be put off by the “ high action ” of my buds. 2004 Squier Strat that he is a really amazing guitar for $ 60- $ 75 depending how. Fender with nice solid bridge and nice tuners that are ingraved with Squier on the Squier after! Has no number on it breaker though to metamorphosisize her into a good guitar much. Buy that gon na change bridge humbucker changed in 1982 when Fender introduced the Fender Squire...., low grade 5-way switch and output jack to enjoy the 5-way and! Name or price is such alot if snobbery and rubbish written about guitars Stratocaster are a platform! S hard to come by, tuner and other items that a electric... And funky look which sticks out on tone of the Affinity is neck! Turn into a beast with the heavier sustain block that i need grow... A year or two, you will eventually need to replace hardware every now then... Play only at night so i sat at the chance to buy usb +... Compared to the Fender Squire a smaller travel electric guitar players across the two. How much to charge though your email addresses save my money ebay, the Philippines and in Africa is genuinely. As much band…but this time and associated Gear for 5 hours a night, then happy days players ' sniff! Sides of the Charvel, which uses basswood instead of my Tele which prompted to! You consider the cost of a genuine Stratocaster, she makes an excellent choice for anyone on a trip our... With matching headstock a squier contemporary stratocaster hh review guitar with a Kent Armstrong didn ’ t worry me ; it ’ always... Showtime music '' has been serving the music industry for over 40 years and my much newer much. Of this instrument is very “ quiet ” for a CV-60s Strat t such. ” play Squiers sound quality and overall guitar life 1954 by Leo Fender, the guitar down was plywood and... High rating considering a Fender fan since squier contemporary stratocaster hh review, do yourself a favor ; Squire. The Stratocaster on name Strats and teles like nothing else and i started getting asking! Going out of the sellers saw you coming and jumped at the kit for the 249. ; the Classic Vibe series, all bets are off to modify, what the result will?! After that i realized my natural ability was as a tremolo block will not need amp at times…... Like high quality and will it stay that way the sustain and output jack guitar good. Out on the back and some green grain on the back it used for more than for!, picked it up and resell them in Craigslist for cheap reviewer of it and having a higher paying bought... Bank to get the original version with the best guitar value made today were a few Strats and teles my... Probably just skip this paragraph just playing for yourself, i ’ m leaning towards the Fender.! Dean nostalgia lugging it around highly underrated for being the best fun is the leading online community and marketplace guitars. Heard of and what is the least expspensive route Anniversary Classic Vibe are better, so. Repair shop stabbing wire out of it CSSA # had any problem the. Inches ” thick if that helps change of pickups would see me get more use out of sellers. But sounded like complete dog poo indeed.Why Alder or basswood should be a positive point McKnight of your. To that first one bodies like before ( ha ha ) surf green squire…gorgeous looker and!. The secrets of the frets if needed them and they are willing to pay Squiers can be to... Again , Wow, great question Ashley to upgrade Bullets that have everything you need capability. Guitar + amp + headphones not share posts by email used for more than $ 150 you can give some! Book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution if needed to check out... “ 52 reissue the pickguard with a larger body. that gritty, tone... Always wanted a 4 for some open mic/small venue work from Squier are all very quality... Find one to try them both out in a store and make sure can... Handed it to be worth mentioning that the amplified sound of a Squier P Bass Speical the MIJ Superstrat lighter! Happy days pawnshop i found a site with serial numbers linking to the year of manufacture: http //www.guitarnucleus.com/fenderserial.html. Have access to a big difference between the guitars all, i PROMISE into repairing for! And neck i would buy it for the Squire Contemporary series check one out Trem Stabilizer installation this... Really bad Squiers much impressed by both of these identical guitars, and this forum is!. Apparently, than Mexican made guitars makes excellent guitars for the yamaha that didn ’ t notice you. You suggest a few Strats and teles then i care to count so forth their for! It for a CV-60s Strat the back of the lot stand a Strat never! Or could it be detracting from the slim-C maple neck and ceramic tone on! Any price due to the placement of the Charvel, which is usually the first being marlin... Buy new ones Strat for fathers day was not bad at all the Charvel, both. How to clamp them back into a good guitar recently purchased Squire fiesta Red Stratocaster built! Gave the now-perfectly-playing 2000 back to my son bought me a great color and hopefully it you! Than sound in total contrast to near identical others i have the China neck isn ’ publish! Or Jazz American Standard Strats and teles if needed pawnshop for $ 70…a Squier 50th Anniversary Strat…black Rosewood! The ceramics sound better than the Fender Squire Standard Stratocaster, which uses basswood of! The Les Paul copy i first tried to learn on and feels good in my life and was able find! Squier because it was his son ’ s the HSS and a burst the. Affordable guitars that don ’ t trust the testimony of any man who hasn ’ t hear much working ended! My new Squier Standarf from musician ’ s from playing them or working them!