Among Us can truly change solely based on the amount of imposters you have. Currently, Among Us lets a maximum of three players be Imposters per game. The Impostors are the player-controlled main antagonists of the video game Among Us. The belatedly popular game about spacefaring shapeshifters, paranoia-stricken astronauts, and the democratic process. These impostors work to sabotage and destroy what the crewmates do, operating in plain sight until they are found out. Among the Impostors is a 2001 book by Margaret Peterson Haddix, about a time in which drastic measures have been taken to quell overpopulation.It is the second of seven novels in the Shadow Children series.. Main characters. Unfortunately, you can’t choose to be an impostor in Among Us.Impostors are selected at random at the start of each match, so being chosen is completely reliant on luck. Memory game with the impostors and crewmen of Among Us. For whatever reason, imposters are more successful at Among Us than initially believed, and it might actually be crewmates who need a little extra support. It really comes down to the group size. Doppelgangers of the friendly Crewmates found among their group, players who are selected to be Impostors have the task of killing all players that are not them or another Impostor, either through direct murder, a dangerous sabotage that is unable to be stopped, or through incriminating their fellow players. So, what is the perfect number of imposters in Among Us? Indie developer InnerSloth hasn't revealed any plans to increase … Lee Grant /Luke Garner: Main character in the Shadow Children series. Impostors seem to control the game in Among Us, and they win more often than the Crewmates do, but it doesn't have to be that way. Visualize all the characters in a few thousandths of a second, and memorize where the impostors were. Among Us puts four to ten players in the astronaut gear of a space ship crew. Among Us is all about finding imposters in our midst based on their behavior and what tasks they’re doing. Each amount of imposters can affect how quickly the game ends based off murder, as well as how hard or easy it would be for an imposter to win. Discover which characters are not normal crewmen to go to the next level in this fun game of memorizing colored characters from the popular game of Among Us. Published 07 Dec 2020, 00:30 IST. It is a game that rewards duplicitousness, dishonesty, and disinformation in the most pleasing way possible, and is without a doubt the single best way to tear apart long-lasting relationships and gaslight much-beloved comrades. Real life is all about proving we aren’t imposters by doing things and showing our worth. The Impostor Among Us. Welcome to Among Us. Among Us' Impostors have smaller numbers than the Crewmates, but thanks to their ability to vent into small areas and sabotage pieces of machinery from a distance it can feel as if the Crewmates are only prolonging the inevitable when trying to escape from … At times, this destruction may even require the impostor to pretend to repair the ship, like the rest of the crew, but only as a cover for their machinations.