There was a method to his madness. 1 Cast 1.1 Starring 1.2 Guest Starring 1.3 Co-Starring 1.4 Uncredited 2 References Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot Erin Richards as Barbara Kean Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma Chris Chalk as Lucius Fox Cameron Monaghan as … Photo Credits: NBC; Amazon/Netflix/HBO/FX; Netflix; Anthony Roman; Apple TV+; HBO. Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth 3. Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman 2. Krenmuller), senior special effects technician (as Steven Lewis), senior special effects technician (as Dan Sokolowski), senior special effects technician (as Bruce Strong), special effects technician (as Andy Warner), special effects wireman (as Dave Williams), special effects assistant technician (uncredited), senior special effects engineer (uncredited), digital artist: Framestore (as Rob Allman), director of photography: New Deal Studios, compositing sequence supervisor: Double Negative, cg supervisor: Double Negative (as Peter Bebb), compositor: Double Negative (as Jo Belen), mechanical effects supervisor: New Deal Studios, visual effects first assistant camera: US Plate unit (as Andrew Borham), visual effects production coordinator: New Deal Studios, matchmove artist: Double Negative (as Tom Burton), cg effects artist: Double Negative (as Gia Sadhwani), matchmove artist: Double Negative (as Sam Carter), digital artist: Framestore (as Jeren Chen). Hong Kong Detective, Michael Corey Foster Christian Bale Bruce Wayne. Ramirez, Olumiji Olawumi Prisoner on Ferry, Thomas Gaitsch With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that plague the streets. The Best Shows and Movies to Watch This Week: The Best TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Video in December, The Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix in December 2020, What's Streaming on Hulu in December 2020: New. 3 Ledger Was An Active Part Of Design Process For Joker Makeup Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox 8. The Dark Knight (2008) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Mon 3 Nov 2008 09.30 EST. Maroni's Mistress, Chucky Venn However, given that the studio has reportedly cast the lead role, it’s possible that the Disney+ series will be moving a lot quicker behind-the-scenes. Can George Clooney and his beard save mankind? visual effects digital coordinator: Warner Bros. visual effects associate producer: Double Negative, compositor: Double Negative (as Yasmine El Ghamrawy), visual effects location supervisor (as Raul R. Esparza III), compositor: Double Negative (as James Etherington), matchmove artist: Double Negative (as Ken Fanning), lead cloth technical director: Framestore, miniature effects supervisor: New Deal Studios, visual effects supervisor: Double Negative (as Paul Franklin), digital artist: Framestore (as Amelie Guyot), technical support: Double Negative (as Peter Hanson), animator: Double Negative (as Rob Hemmings), visual effects supervisor: New Deal Studios, visual effects digital coordinator (as Kerry Joseph Jr.), lead cg effects artist: BUF (as Cedric Ledru), lead cg lighting artist: Double Negative (as Maxx Leong), visual effects assistant editor (as Eric Lewy), third assistant editor: DMR (IMAX version), matchmove artist: Double Negative (as Effandi Bin Mohamed), model maker: New Deal Studios (as Raymond Moore), digital artist: Framestore (as Tomas Mortimer), lead cg effects artist: Double Negative (as Mike Nixon), compositor: Double Negative (as Ana Mestre), visual effects editor: Framestore (as Richard 'Ipanema' Poet), visual effects additional second assistant director, digital artist: Framestore (as James Roberts), animator: Double Negative / digital artist: Framestore, visual effects key grip: US Plate unit (as Jim Roorda), digital artist: Framestore (as Justin Rotolo), cg sequence supervisor: Double Negative (as Trina Roy), cg lighting artist: Double Negative (as Juan Luis Sanchez), visual effects producer: New Deal Studios, model maker: New Deal Studios (as Branden W. Seifert), visual effects coordinator: Double Negative, compositor: Double Negative (as Daniel Snape), compositing sequence supervisor: Double Negative (as Bridget Taylor), photography crew: New Deal Studios (as James Thibo), digital artist: Framestore (as Michael Thompson), second assistant DMR editor (IMAX version), digital artist: Framestore (as Giuliano Vigano), visual effects director of photography: US plate unit (as Mark Weingartner), visual effects coordinator (as Gina Deuters), cg effects artist: Double Negative (as Dan Wood), digital artist: Framestore (as Chris Zeh), production support: Cinesite (uncredited), visual effects editor: Double Negative (uncredited), digital compositor: Cinesite (uncredited), scanning and recording: Framestore CFC (uncredited), digital archivist: New Deal Studios (uncredited), character technical director: Double Negative (uncredited), facial tracker (uncredited) / matchmove artist (uncredited), scanning and recording: Framestore (uncredited), scanning & recording manager (uncredited), visual effects producer: Cinesite (uncredited), visual effects producer: BUF (uncredited), 3d laser scanning: Gentle Giant Studios (uncredited), paint/roto artist: Escape Studios (uncredited), digital compositing artist: Framestore (uncredited), digital artist: Double Negative (uncredited), additional data wrangler: plate unit (uncredited), visual effects production assistant (uncredited), data operations manager: Cinesite (uncredited), digital paint & roto artist: Framestore CFC (uncredited), additional third assistant director: VFX unit, UK (uncredited), studio assistant: Double Negative (uncredited), film mastering engineer: Framestore CFC (uncredited), visual effects set coordinator (uncredited), digital paint and roto artist: Framestore CFC (uncredited), render support: Framestore CFC (uncredited), visual effects supervisor: Cinesite (uncredited), key location assistant: Chicago (uncredited), digital artist: New Deal Studios (uncredited), software research & development: BUF (uncredited), digital compositor: Double Negative (uncredited), head of 3d services: Plowman Craven and Associates (uncredited), technical support: Double Negative (uncredited), visual effects coordinator: New Deal Studios Inc (uncredited), visual effects plate supervisor (uncredited), scanning & recording operator: Framestore (uncredited), senior digi-doubles technical director: Double Negative (uncredited), Lidar supervisor: Lidar Services (uncredited), character technical director (uncredited), technical director: Double Negative (uncredited), digital compositor: Pacific Title (uncredited), film recording operator: Cinesite (uncredited), matchmove artist: Framestore (uncredited), pipeline software research and development: Framestore CFC (uncredited), production manager: Cinesite (uncredited), visual consultant: Escape Studios (uncredited), digital paint and roto artist (uncredited), research & development: BUF (uncredited) / software engineer: research and development (uncredited), digital set designer: New Deal Studios (uncredited), systems engineer: Framestore (uncredited), visual effects editor: cinesite (uncredited), digital matte painter: Framestore CFC (uncredited), additional second assistant director: VFX unit, UK (uncredited) / second assistant director: VFX (uncredited), miniature effects model maker: New Deal Studios Inc. (uncredited), visual effects assistant co-ordinator (uncredited), stunt double: Maggie Gyllenhaal (uncredited), stunts: aerial ground coordinator (uncredited), stunt driver (uncredited) / stunts (uncredited), stunt double: Christian Bale (uncredited), fight coordinator (uncredited) / stunts (uncredited), chargehand electrical rigger (as Mark Evans), camera operator: Ultimate Arm (as Michael Fitzmaurice), camera operator: "a" camera / steadicam operator, assistant chief lighting technician (as Tony Lullo), second assistant camera: "a" camera (as Daniel McFadden), video assist operator (as Martin 'Sharky' Ward), best boy rigging electrician (as Bill Wauer), first assistant camera: "b" camera (as Steve Wong), first assistant camera: aerial unit (uncredited), director of photography: additional unit, Chicago (uncredited), grip (uncredited) / technocrane technician (uncredited), stabilized scorpio head technician (uncredited), crane technician: Technocrane (uncredited), ultimate arm technician: Lev head (uncredited), grip (uncredited) / rigging electrician (uncredited), additional grip: second unit (uncredited), additional second assistant camera (uncredited), animatronics and puppets creator (uncredited), casted as an extra, prison on boat (uncredited), extras casting assistant (uncredited) / extras casting (uncredited), wardrobe: Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne tailored wardrobe handmade by, assistant costume designer (as Emily-Rose Da Silveira), costume dyer and breakdown artist (uncredited), assistant editor (as Ivan Martin Del Campo), digital intermediate colorist (uncredited), film recordist (uncredited) / film scanner (uncredited), digital data conform/color assist (uncredited), senior digital intermediate colorist (uncredited), HDR Remaster Digital Intermediate Producer (uncredited), assistant location manager (as Finlay Pile), assistant location manager (as Martha LaFage), supervising location manager (as James McAllister), technical score engineer (as Thomas Broderick), musician: piano (uncredited) / score producer (uncredited), scoring coordinator: James Newton Howard (uncredited), additional score recordist (uncredited) / score mixing assistant (uncredited), score production coordinator (uncredited), musician: synthesizer (uncredited) / score producer (uncredited), picture vehicle coordinator (as Tyler Gaisford), transportation coordinator (as Bill Hogan), picture car office coordinator (uncredited), production accountant (as Michael I. Bilog), production coordinator (as Candice Campos), production office assistant (as Helen Dwyer), office production assistant (as PJ Fishwick), trainer: birds and animals (as Tom Gunderson), trainer: birds and animals (as Phil Hoelcher), set production assistant (as Holli Hopkins), assistant: Ms. Gyllenhaal (as Shelly O'Mahony), set production assistant (as Rebecca Roven), assistant production coordinator (as Hallam Rice Edwards), set production assistant (as Sarah Brand), assistant: post-production (IMAX version) / post-production assistant (IMAX version), set production assistant (as James Rainer), production office assistant (as Jon Stow), production assistant: Chicago (uncredited), production coordinator: Hong Kong (uncredited), set production assistant: UK (uncredited), additional assistant production office coordinator: pre-production (uncredited), additional production assistant (uncredited), Overnight Production Assistant (uncredited), stand-in: Maggie Gyllenhaal, UK (uncredited), additional office production assistant (uncredited), security and location assistant (uncredited), character: Commisioner Gillian B. Loeb (uncredited), additional set staff assistant (uncredited), daily crowd production assistant (uncredited), assistant production accountant (uncredited), characters: Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth & The Joker (uncredited), production runner: pre-production (uncredited), assistant production coordinator (uncredited), the producers would like to thank (as Mayor Richard M. Daley). The partnership proves to be effective, but they soon find themselves prey to a reign of chaos unleashed by a rising criminal mastermind known to the terrified citizens of Gotham as the Joker. ... " As is generally the case in Hollywood, creative differences or frustration between a cast member and the director can tend to result in actors leaving a project. Ritchie Coster as The Chechen 14. List of all cast members for program The Dark Knight Rises. The award was well-deserved, considering Heath's acting throughout the whole trilogy was top-notch. The Dark Knight does contain an exorbitant amount of action sequences, but it does lack some of the things individuals might associate with the genre. Ron Dean as Detective Michael Wuertz 10. Other actors sugggested to play this role include Elliot Page. The Dark Knight Cast List. Emma Stone was suggested to play Barbara Gordan in THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS by ariellupei. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. Release Dates © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Dark 2017 TV-MA 3 Seasons German TV Shows A missing child sets four families on a frantic hunt for answers as they unearth a mind-bending mystery that spans three generations. Name of the Movie: The Dark Knight (2008) Director(s): Christopher Nolan Producer(s): Emma Thomas, Charles Roven, Christopher Nolan Writer(s): Bob Kane, David S. Goyer, Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan Running Time: 2 hours, 32 minutes Budget: USD … ON July 14, 2008. 1. Fox's Secretary, Jonathan Ryland | It follows the life of Bruce Wayne as he becomes the crimefighter known as The Dark Knight to avenge the death of his wife and child. It was created by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, famous screenwriter David S. Goyer, and newcomer Danny Raymond. Following the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman assumes responsibility for Dent's crimes to protect the late attorney's reputation and is subsequently hunted by the Gotham City Police Department. THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS has 15 roles, including Ethan Nygma, Officer Basil Karlo, and Heather Quinby. Find full cast and crew information for the program The Dark Knight Rises. Directed by Christopher Nolan. Alfred Pennyworth, Maggie Gyllenhaal SWAT Sniper, Matthew Leitch Passenger Ferry Pilot, Wai Wong Even without Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker, Christopher Nolan's pitch-black sequel to BATMAN BEGINS (2005) more, Christian Bale Chin Han as Mr. Lau 12. Judge Surrillo, James Fierro Based on the DC Comics character Batman, it is the final installment in Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy, and the sequel to The Dark Knight (2008). Batman does not save the girl, vanquish his enemy, or triumph at the conclusion. Thankfully, this was not one of those scenarios. The Dark Knight Rises is a 2012 superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan, who co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Jonathan Nolan, and the story with David S. Goyer. Cop with Fat Thug, Vincent Riotta Company Credits The Batmobile in action in The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is a 2013 television show loosely based off the superhero character Batman. If he were cast in an 80s Dark Knight film, it would require him to pull the reins back for the first half and rely more on charm and charisma, with just a hint of instability that leads to foreshadowing. 1 Cast 1.1 Starring 1.2 Guest Starring 1.3 Co-Starring 1.4 Uncredited 2 References Ben McKenzie as James Gordon Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot Erin Richards as Barbara Kean Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Galavan Chris Chalk as … | Rachel Dawes, Monique Gabriela Curnen Cop Heckler, Richard Dillane 1980s Robert De Niro was known for playing loose cannon types at almost every opportunity. Nestor Carbonell as Mayor Anthony Garcia 11. Staff and agencies. Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. The Dark Knight Cast and Director Remember Heath Ledger. Select any … Christian Bale is an English actor. Officer at Intersection, Chris Petschler Hemphill), sound designer / supervising sound editor, sound mixer: alien languages (uncredited), dts sound mastering engineer (uncredited), special effects technician (as Andrew Aitken), wire special effects supervisor (as Stephen Crawley), senior special effects technician (as David Eltham), special effects technician (as Daniel Homewood), animatronics designer (as Christopher Howe), special effects foreman (as Bill Kennedy), special effects foreman (as F.R. And Christian Bale still kicks ass as Batman,although the voice tends to bordering on annoying. Gordon's Daughter, Brandon Lambdin Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of The Dark Knight with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes 7. As a new Dark Knight trailer arrives on the Internets, IGN Stars' Cast of Characters explores the key players and their roles in Batman's latest effort to deliver justice in Gotham City. The Dark Knight became the first comic book film to win an Oscar for acting. Drug Dealer, Nydia Rodriguez Terracina Why The Dark Knight Recast Katie Holmes As Rachel Dawes. With Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine. Moon Knight does not yet have a premiere date. The Dark Knight. Eric Roberts as Sal Maroni 13. The Dark Knight Rises Cast and Crew "The Legend Ends" TMDb Score.