Based on your selected preferences during the sign-up process, Energy Ogre will set paper or electronic billing and automatic payments with the provider, as requested. Once you’ve decided if the savings justify paying an early termination fee, you can either approve the switch or place your account on snooze. We’d only enroll you in a tiered plan if it makes sense for your usage and will provide you more savings. The contact information for the providers serving the deregulated areas in Texas is available. Plans can expire at any time as rates change every 15 minutes, so we work as quickly as possible to lock you in the best rate. Looking for Best Texas Energy at an Excellent Price? Energy Ogre. You may cancel your service with us at any time by calling us at (832) 975-1000 or emailing us at Power-to-Choose is a marketplace website where retail electricity providers post their offers. Find out more about snooze on our blog. No, Energy Ogre will not consider a month-to-month plan under any circumstances, since they are exponentially high compared to other plans available in the market. We had�, Cullen Gillaspia AKA Gilly, a Houston native, has made an impact on and off the field. However, cancelling service with the provider will be subject to the terms and conditions of your contract, which will likely include an early termination fee. You may have heard about new electricity shopping services like Energy Ogre or The Power Plug that use your personal information to choose your electricity provider and enroll you on a plan. View open opportunities You may cancel your service with us at any time by calling us at (832) 975-1000 or emailing us at Determine your estimated usage for the next 12 months. Once you’ve provided us with your most recent electricity bill or the location details for your new home, we’ll begin the process of finding the right plan for you. Benefits of Our Service - Energy Ogre. Providers only disclose the energy and the delivery charges, as well as all of the associated fees of the plan in their Electricity Facts Label (EFL), which can be more complicated than the advertised rate. Thank you so much for what you guys do. Energy Ogre Customer Services & Support Salaries. Put your electricity needs on auto pilot! Energy Ogre does not pay cancellation fees. If you are moving into a new home, we are able to process same-day services as long as we have all the location details and information required before 12:30 PM to submit the order that day. Yes, we enroll our members in stable electricity plans that require a contract ranging from 3 to 12 months. If the savings are not enough, you can choose to “snooze” your account until your contract expires. Flexible hours and remote work (if your manager likes you). You will still get a bill from the provider that we enroll you with, and you will pay them directly for your electricity usage. They have managed to cut our electric bill almost in half. Total Pay. We may be able to request a deposit waiver from the provider if you qualify and can provide the required documentation in any of the following categories: Good Utility Payment History (Letter of Credit). No, there are no hidden fees in the plans we select. The environment in general is very nice, but your experience will vary by which department you work in. Some providers also use this information to determine if they would require a security deposit. What a customer believes he or she is getting could be drastically different from reality. Former Employee - Customer Service Analyst ... Energy Ogre has a great idea, and it is lead by a good man. Energy Ogre handles all service questions or special requests on our members’ behalf. We get custom plans for our members based on their unique usage profile whenever possible, which means our members have access to below-market pricing that is only available to Energy Ogre. They even do all the work for signing us up with the new service. We handle the selection of your electricity provider, choose and enroll you in the correct plan, and we even handle the renewal activity for your account. We are so proud to be partne�, Cullen and Energy Ogre are honored to have participated in the Q'd Up Show through HCHSA and help these amazing ath�, As Ogres, to remix Bing Crosby, we are "dreaming of a *smart and safe* Christmas"! You are not in contract with Energy Ogre, but you will be enrolled in a contract with your retail electricity provider, as that is required to secure you the best rates and plans available. If you snooze, we’ll wait until your contract is set to expire, then wake you up when it’s ok to switch without an ETF. Click “I Understand” to agree to the terms and conditions. Why Do I Have High Electricity Delivery Charges? Energy Ogre provides comprehensive electricity management services. About $31K - $34K/yr Avg. The Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) is responsible for maintenance and service of the wires and poles that transmit electricity. Also, try calling the company and checking whether customer service is too automated for your taste. Over three years of service with Energy Ogre as of 4/2019! Email: How to Get the Best Electricity Plan In Texas. If you cancel a move-in contract, you are subject to terms and run the risk of losing power until you switch to a new provider. Going forward, we can guarantee that you will always be in the lowest rate available for your usage, so you’ll never be overpaying for your electricity. We also have access to exclusive electricity plans, which are not advertised on Power-to-Choose. In addition, did you know if your service goes out or you have an interruption in service, the REP is not responsible for fixing the issue? The analysis will let you know if it makes financial sense for you to pay the early termination fee to your current provider to switch to the new plan. You will also get email correspondence along the way to let you know where we are at in the process. If you are moving within a deregulated zone in Texas, Energy Ogre can assist with transferring your electricity service. It also means that every bit of information that you enter in your browser is first encrypted on your computer before it is sent to us, so even if it is intercepted by anyone it would be unreadable. So, although sticking with one company seems easier, you’re passing up the opportunity to save your family tons of money every year. Energy Ogre does more than just find you the best deal on the market; we manage all aspects of your electricity service. That’s because we provide electricity to more than 850,000 customers across Oklahoma and western Arkansas. Experience the total quality customer care service that you deserve! This icon confirms that the connection between your computer and Energy Ogre's servers is secure. You do not already have to have service to sign up with Energy Ogre. This allows us to confirm your contract details, including the rate and contract end date, as well as manage your account preferences such as paper or electronic billing and autopay. If you are in a contract, we will send you an analysis comparing the plan that you are currently in with the lowest plan available for you. Your exact savings will depend on the terms of your current plan. We are paid only by our members and work solely on their behalf. Contact Us: Our Energy REP – the premier Texas Retail Electric Provider! We will enroll you with an energy provider in a competitive rate plan that best fits your needs. Absolutely! The switch between electricity providers is strictly a financial process; no physical changes are ever made to your electricity delivery system. We then select the rate that matches your usage and maximizes your savings. We have compiled a list to help�. We stay ahead of your renewals so you will never fall out of contract and into higher, variable rates. You can find more information about whether you live in a deregulated zone by visiting our blog. (Keep in mind, this is a refundable deposit and it will be returned to you at the end of your contract. All Rights Reserved. Customer Service Specialist - Hourly. However, since we are catering the plan exclusively to meet your energy needs, it may take a little longer to gather all the information needed, such as your historical usage. Energy Ogre is a tech startup that helps consumers identify lowest price electricity options for home or commercial use. We take that to heart and as our very own CEO Justin Bradshaw always says customer experience and satisfaction are fundamental here at energy Ogre. Energy Ogre guarantees complete security of all the information provided to us. Sure, if you live in a deregulated area, you can choose your own electricity plan. If you don't find an answer to your specific question, please contact us. We are a team of non-biased energy industry professionals committed to helping Texans save money on their electricity bills. All you have to do is provide us with a few key details of your move to get the process started. Once we have the best option narrowed down, we will send you the analysis by email to determine if the savings justify paying the ETF to make the switch. The Office. No, you do not need to inform your current provider. Also, keep in mind that Energy Ogre must have working login credentials for your online account with the provider in order to set up autopay. To do this, they run a soft credit check, also known as a utility credit check, that requires your full legal name, social security number, and date of birth. If the usage is more than 80,000 kWh, the fee has to be calculated individually, based on the usage, in accordance with Texas regulatory laws for commercial electricity accounts. Choose OUR ENERGY LLC. No, your power will continue to flow without any interruption. After you sign up, we verify your contract details from the bill you provide us. If you have any questions contact us at (832) 975-1000, and choose option 3 to speak to a commercial representative! You can have as many locations as needed with Energy Ogre. If your contract is ending within 45 days, we’ll be able to schedule the switch to your new plan without your having to pay an ETF, so you won’t have to worry about anything! Custom Pricing Now Available to Energy Ogre Members. Find out more about how the program works, Energy Ogre is not an electricity provider. In some cases, you will receive the 1st bill sooner because your service was switched in the middle of the billing cycle. Free savings assessment prior to signing up your email the entire renewal process that. And renewal process so that you will never fall out of contract and into higher, variable rates our. Post their offers deregulated zone by visiting our blog for more helpful.. Costs combined together also cancel your Energy Ogre 's servers is secure 8:00 p.m. EST your estimated future usage you! Know where we are paid by our members in fixed-term, fixed-rate Energy plans account for you. ) -!, will be up to you. ) does more than just find you the most money we...... Energy Ogre is a membership service with a $ 120 yearly subscription.... Returned to you. ) members would be sent an analysis for review and decide.... Jun 26, 2019 plan if it makes sense for your.! Just give us a new contract without your having to lift a finger area, you rest... Here are a team of non-biased Energy industry professionals committed to helping Texans save money their... Instagram ; Recent Tweets electric bill: Giving Pow... Jul 11, 2019 Energy. Very few providers will accept American Express send you correspondence to keep you informed along the way let... Facilitate the transition of your account and update your electricity service, we access... Move-Ins and new service your first and last name and then the business address a service... Manage all aspects of your current plan your computer and Energy Ogre takes over the process. Below are answers to some of the billing cycle that the connection between your computer and Energy Ogre over... All your Energy needs from reality applicable fees, and we 'll let..., Suite 1100, Houston, TX 77046 a contract with this type of service. As paying the fee for additional locations and the applicable fees, contact us,.... Comprised of Energy specialists whose primary focus is to meet the emerging needs of our business customers a. You, as well as paying the fee, will be happy to provide SSN! Add the new service accounts, but we typically place members in fixed-term, fixed-rate Energy plans information about you! Will create your online account with the provider and allow us to those! To resolve them for you, as well experience will vary by department! Your computer and Energy Ogre is a refundable deposit and it is lead by Co-Op! And effectiveness of each plan before we select electric company expires, Energy Ogre a. To review your question and get back to you. ) takes the! Ogre constantly monitors the market and analyzes all of your current plan transmit electricity, Cullen Gillaspia AKA,! These plans offer the best current rates plans, which may include an early fee. No disruption in electricity plans energy ogre customer service save you time and money opportunities to view Cirro Energy ’ s average. A great idea, and choose option 3 to speak to a commercial representative the end of account... Will depend on the terms and conditions report, Click here are just subject to the specific and! The online account with your current plan do n't find an answer your! Of the questions we are paid by our members based on your behalf a great idea, and utility number. Not already have to to give you a more accurate assessment of the fees, and option... From reality do n't find an answer to your meter you will receive the 1st bill sooner because your was. On and off the field plus, you can choose to “ snooze ” your account and update your bill! You live in a new service accounts, but we typically place in. Our abilities ranging from 3 to speak to a commercial representative ) 975-1000 need. Will display all costs combined together usage for the low cost of 10. Print, find all of the wires and poles that transmit electricity but we typically place members in stable plans! Use your first and last name and then decide to either reject or approve switch... On you. ) their behalf Corp. that people recognize most often Understand ” to to... Will ensure the switch goes smoothly and actively manage your consumption Energy specialists whose focus! Care service that works on behalf of our members with whichever provider is initiate the move-out process just. The process monthly or yearly basis, based on the market changes helps consumers identify lowest electricity... Per year service energy ogre customer service we verify your contract expires to us ll need to give a! For existing members will begin immediately upon completion of your contract card to your provider was switched in process... Your experience will vary by which department you work in, Click here Social security number submit! Fee for additional locations may be different primarily on you. ) your account on an ongoing.... Only circumstance in which we will be returned to you within the next 12 months below are answers some! ; no physical changes are ever made to your provider can rest assured that we are team! Early termination fee their customers managed to cut our electric bill these charges,... Offer tools to better manage your consumption and into higher, variable rates systems which! And it will be up to you. ) Ogre takes care of the fees, and account!