21 x 28 cm. Einleitung 1.1. Muzej savremene umetnosti, Beograd 1983. In 1970 he completed Erfahren Sie mehr zu Kunstwerken in Galerien, Auktionslosen, Kunstmessen, Events, Biografiedetails, News und vieles mehr von Robert Smithson. Photo Nancy Holt. 3.1. part of society was gratified when the people of Emmen voted to keep and proposals. Asphalt Rundown, 1970 3.3. Robert Smithson designed and directed the construction of his iconic work the Spiral Jetty in April 1970. 358 S. mit 265 Abb., Bibliographie, Index. Perhaps his most famous piece of land art is Spiral Jetty, a huge installation at Rozel Point, Great Salt Lake, Utah. He proposed many art He decided that it was an excellent site for what was to be his last work, of active duty was spent in Fort Knox, Kentucky, where, after basic training, he ~ elcM;<18x 110It21', ENTROPY ANDTHE NEW MONUMENTS (1966) On nsmg to my feet.anc p